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    Please help us narrow down a baby girl name

    35 weeks, and having difficulty narrowing down a girl's name. We have actually come up with 4 names we agree on! I'd like to have it narrowed down to two by the time we head to the hospital. Middle is in honour of my husband's family, so we are pretty set on those. Our last name is MacIsaac.

    Violet Annetta
    Daphne Annetta or Daphne Olive
    Josephine Poppy
    Katherine Poppy
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    Out of your combos I love Daphne Olive the most but it's just like "laurel and olive". If it doesn't bother you, the name is great and worth using. If the meaning is an issue, my second favorite is Violet.
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    Violet Annetta - lovely, 3-3-3 rhythm means not my favorite though.
    Daphne Annetta or Daphne Olive - Daphne Annetta would have the initials DAM, you probably don't want that. Daphne Olive is very nice, although DOM is a little iffy too. But not as challenging as DAM.
    Josephine Poppy - This is very nice!
    Katherine Poppy - So is this!

    Katherine Poppy might win by a hair. Good luck!

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    Katherine Poppy - what a winner!
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    I love the name Daphne Olive! My second favourite is Violet.

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