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    Smile Feeling pretty good about these names!

    I am expecting boy girl twins in November. The name Elwood has been chosen for months and months, even before I became pregnant. The father loves it and so do I. I wasn't sure that I was having a girl, I didn't think too much about girl names because I really didn't believe I would be lucky enough to have one of each gender! But it's been confirmed, I am having a girl too! Yay!! And I am pretty confident with the names I've chosen for her and her brother.

    Elwood Benjamin


    Elsabe Emelyne

    I noticed that Elsabe is not on nameberry! What a surprise...there are some pretty odd names on this site. I have met someone with the name before and I loved it right then and there. Emelyne will be pronounce Emma-line. I just prefer this spelling much more than Emmeline.

    Elwood is a name that my boyfriend came up with when he was recovering from brain surgery. His life was turned upside down and he was so sure that he wanted to have children with me and name our first boy Elwood. Since then I haven't really looked for anything else. I love the name, I think it sounds handsome and cool. Benjamin is my boyfriends choice for a middle name, that or Jaeger. I think I really prefer Benjamin. I do adore the name Jaeger or Jagger, but I think an oldie like Elwood needs a good classic middle name.

    So what do you guys think?
    Very open to middle name suggestions only!

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    How is Elsabe pronounced? I've never seen it before

    I think Elwood Benjamin works well, but I do not like Emelyne. It looks odd to have to great classics for your son and then a made-up trendy spelling of a vintage classic (Emmeline)

    You seem a bit style confused (don't worry - I am too!)

    I'd say go with a vintage for Elsabe too, but try to steer clear of E names:
    Elsabe Violet
    Elsabe Rosalind
    Elsabe Grace
    Elsabe Pearl
    Elsabe Florence
    Elsabe Marguerite
    Elsabe Viola
    Elsabe Vivienne
    Elsabe Abigail
    Elsabe Adelaide
    Elsabe Adaline/Adalyn
    Elsabe Allegra
    Elsabe Inez
    Elsabe Rosetta
    Elsabe Ingrid
    Elsabe Lucille

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    Those are great! thanks for the ideas. It is pronounced "elle-sah-bee"... But once you say it enough it really flows with a sort of s/z sound. From what I've read on the Internet it is a German form of Elizabeth. The woman I knew with the name was raised in South Africa! So I'm really not sure to be honest.

    And I agree, the double E could be too much. I like Elsabe Violet!

    I will reconsider and post back with some more ideas

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    After more research, I guess the name is actually South African! I find this really awesome. I don't think I can part with it. I have this strong feeling that the little guy inside me is an Elwood. And I've been waiting for the same feeling with a girl, and I have it now.

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    Elsabe is very cute.
    Elwood and Elsabe doubly cute!

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