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    Kate as first name if I have a Catherine as mn

    Is it too close or stepping on toes if I have a Grace Catherine and like the name Kate Elizabeth for my 6th child?

    (Had I known I was going to have this many, I would have preserved some names.
    My five are: Grace Catherine, Jack Emerson, Emma Caroline, Mary Clare & Elizabeth Marie who was stillborn.)

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    Why don't you chose a differing first and middle name? When in doubt, don't. Please picture your child's double name on a diploma, resume, and wedding invitations. It may seem like a typing error.
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    What if your little Grace one day decided that she didn't like her name and wanted to go by Catherine? Then people would wonder why you had a Catherine and Kate.

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    You've got mn Emerson and fn Emma, so mn Catherine and fn Kate is no different to that IMO. But I'd caution against it solely because you're honouring your stillborn daughter in this baby's middle name as it is, and to give her both names that are connected to siblings might seem a bit like she's not actually being given her own identity, if that makes sense.

    @basicsand - She wasn't talking about calling this baby Kate Catherine, which is what your post implies. She's talking about calling her Kate ____ with a sibling ____ Catherine.

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    It is probably just fine, in your case. GL

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