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    I'm not trying to scare you or put you off weaning, just trying to share my knowledge here

    Weaning before 6 months (unless advised by a physician in extreme medical circumstances) is bad because baby's digestive system isn't mature enough to digest food properly. Because of this, the food rots in baby's gut before he/she gets a chance to digest it thus damaging the lining of the gut.

    There is significant evidence to suggest that the reason there are so many digestive issues with modern adults, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, is because in the past parents weren't aware that early weaning could damage baby's gut, hence there's a whole generation of us who now suffer with our bowels.

    I'm staunchly opposed to weaning before 6mos, in fact I waited until my older daughter was closer to 7 months to start because I didn't feel she was ready.

    As for baby led weaning, I like it because I feel that baby cereals/jars teach baby nothing about food. By handing baby some carrot or even a slice or toast, baby is exploring food with his/her hands, learning the different textures. He/she then practices hand/eye coordination by feeding himself, and learns the different food textures by putting it in his mouth. Chewing strengthens the jaw and the swallowing reflux is also used. I just think its superior to traditional weaning because baby learns about food from a young age.

    Just my own personal opinions, not intended to offend anyone else's parenting decisions. Hope it helped x

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    I plan on doing things a little differently in this department with the next baby. Rowan was around 5 months old when we introduced solid foods, and we used all the jarred baby food and boxed oatmeals/rice cereals (all organic) because I was inexperienced and didn't know any better. Next time, I will make more of the food myself and offer a wider variety of tastes. Although... Rowan is in the 95th percentile in height and weight and she's as healthy as a horse, so I wouldn't say it was a bad thing. She was also formula fed.

    Also, I'm hoping everyone means "weaning" as in introducing solid foods along with formula/breastmilk. A baby is supposed to have formula/breastmilk until at least 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post

    Also, I'm hoping everyone means "weaning" as in introducing solid foods along with formula/breastmilk. A baby is supposed to have formula/breastmilk until at least 1.
    It's a regional thing. In the UK (and possibly other places) weaning means introducing solids, not stopping milk.
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    If you feel hesitant about using a store bought brand, you can make your own rice cereal quite easily. Plenty of recipes online. I gave my daughter Gerber occasionally and it was fine.

    I am all about doing things the simple way. I did a kind of variation on baby led weaning. I let her explore foods and I also fed her purees. She's a year & a half now and she still likes puree items. I mean, adults like them too, right?

    I find that a lot of parents who are way into baby led weaning are very passionate & pushy & defensive about it (as are most people who are into anything on the fringe) but I don't see why you can't use some aspects of this parenting trend but also make it work for you & use instant store bought cereals as well to supplement. Or forget the blw stuff entirely. I know plenty of people who put rice cereal in the bottles of infants and they've honestly all turned out just fine. Don't let people make you feel like you just almost fed your baby poison. It's really not that big of a deal. As long as your baby gets the nutrition he needs and you are happy with your choices it's a great life!

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    Ditto other people. We used baby cereal with our oldest, and never again for any of the others. There are many schools of thought involving starting solids, but from what I have read waiting until 6 months seems to be something everyone can agree on doing.
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