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    A sister to Katherine

    Hey y'all! So I'm writing a story and I have debated between two names for Katherine's sister and decided that I didn't like them.

    She is about 17, has long wavy brown hair, green eyes, long eyelashes, and likes to wear winged eyeliner. She wears a lot of band tees, distressed and ripped jeans, with vests. She adores converse and likes her nails painted dark colors, not necessarily black, but a deep purple for example.

    She is theater nerd who also plays volleyball.

    Her middle name is most likely Jane.

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    Samantha could work- Sam or Sammie is a good nickname that is sassy and could work

    Elizabeth- Liz

    Allison- Allie/Ally or Al

    Victoria- Tori

    Olivia- Liv

    I think these all work well with Katherine and have a little bit more of an option for tomboy-ish nicknames, which seem to fit her character description well haha.

    Or you could do something like Saige?

    Hope I helped!

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    After reading the description Charlotte came to mind? Lots of nicknames with that one...I also like Allison, Anna, maybe Caroline (almost too soft for her description) or Julia?

    All classics that go well with Katherine, in my opinion
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    I think she needs a strong name to match Katherine. She sounds like a Victoria to me, and I think Victoria Jane is a great combo!

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    I'm a Catherine with a sister named Emily in real life, so that's my first thought. Emmie/Emme Jane might be just quirky enough.

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