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Thread: Aina

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    My wife and I are white americans and we are trying to decide on a name. She really likes Aina but I'm unsure about it.(pronounced "Eye-nuh") Not a name that I've ever heard off and when I looked it up, it says popular name in Japan and Africa. So wanted to get some people's opinions.

    The middle name is Ruth so it would be Aina Ruth.

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    You'll probably have troubles with people pronouncing it Aye-nah, or not knowing how to write it. That's not a reason not to use it if this doesn't bother you though.

    I don't love it, but don't think it's horrid either.
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    It has an ok sound, but the spelling isn't appealing to me. I do like Ada and Isla and maybe Ina?
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    I've heard of it as a Japanese name. I think it's acceptable to use in an English-speaking country.

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    Lots of misspelling and misspronouncing methinks....Would you maybe not use Anna or the other variations???

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