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    Closing in on due date - Need your help!

    I would really appreciate your feedback on some name combinations I'm considering. Sisters are Raphaela Helene and Isabelle Margaret. Brothers all have old testament origin names, but our girls' names do not follow this theme. Last name sounds like uh-mah-toh (Italian, 3 syllables. We are considering using some part of the name to honor my MIL, Linda. I'm not a fan of that name, but Rosalind/Rosalinde is a related name that I really like. I'm open to suggestions so please let me know your opinions/ideas.

    Georgia Rosalind
    Georgia Delphine
    Georgia Louise
    Georgia Mae
    Georgia Faye
    Georgia Marceline/Marcheline
    Georgia Anais
    Georgia Adarra (place name of a mountain we visited in Spain, also means "beauty" and "noble and exhalted")

    Rosalind Louise/Louisa
    Rosalind Delphine
    Rosalind Anais
    Rosalind Adarra
    Rosalind Lucia
    Rosalind Faye

    Francesca Rosalind

    Cosima Delphine
    Cosima Louise

    Thanks for your help!
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    Rosalind is a beautiful name and I think its a great way to honor a Linda! Of your combinations Rosalind Delphine would have to be my favorite it is absolutely divine! Georgia is very pretty but it doesn't have the flair and exotic appeal of Rosalind. Are you planning on using nn at all or having her go by her full name?? I do think the nn Georgie is adorable. Great choices!
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    Oh my goodness, such gorgeous names! My favorite first on your list is Cosima. Its just incredibly beautiful to me and I love the meaning. Cosima Delphine sounds elegant, intelligent, and feminine, but not frilly. It's perfect. That said, if I were you I'd go with Rosalind, because it beautiful and classic, and I'm a huge proponent of honor names. Rosalind Faye gets my vote. It sounds sounds sophisticated, yet sweet. I love it! Good luck!
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    Thank you for the comments so far! Please keep them coming.

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    I really like Rosalind and Georgia! My favorite combo with Georgia by far is "Georgia Marceline", and for Rosalind it's "Rosalind Louise"! I think another alternate for Georgia might be "Georgia Marcella".

    Hope this helps you out!!!!!

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