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    I love Sawyer, but only for a boy.

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    I love it! Sawyer on a girl is adorable and refreshing.
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    The beauty of this name combination is that it's that if little Sawyer grows up and feels it's too masculine she can go by her middle name. With that in mind I'd suggest being sure her middle name is something you'd be proud of her potentially using as her first name.

    If you guys like it you're well within your power to apply it to your baby girl.

    There will always be arguments for and against, we all come from different experiences.

    All the best!

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    I really like it! Sawyer always struck me as very unisex - could work on boy or girl!

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    Sorry - Not a fan of surnames being used as first names for girls - it feels tired and dated (i.e. Taylor, Emerson, Madison, etc.)

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