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    It's ok for a boy, but I'm not a fan of it for a girl.

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    sawyer on a girl is awful. way to masculine. it means woodsman/ lumberjack. all i think of is paul bunyon.

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    I'm actually kind of surprised at all of the negative reactions to a girl Sawyer. I realize that a lot of people probably consider it a boy's name (Tom Sawyer, the character from Lost), but I think it's a name that is soft and "pretty" enough to be used for a girl. It is a little bit tomboy-ish, but I think it's adorable.

    I like the sound of Sawyer Grace, but agree that Grace seems a little bit overused.

    With Sawyer, a unisex name, I'd definitely go with a feminine middle.
    What about:
    Sawyer Jane
    Sawyer Cate
    Sawyer Mae
    Sawyer Dawn
    Sawyer Page

    Mama to Quentin Charles, born July 4!

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    I work for a pediatrician. We have many new baby Sawyers coming in, but it's typically a one to five ratio with girls being the winner. I think it's an adorable name for a little girl! But I tend to not like the whole 'boy name' vs. 'girl name' thing. My niece is named Austyn. So if you love Sawyer,!

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    Sawyer Grace is an amazing and perfect name for a little girl, I love it to pieces, it is perfect and amazing, it's got lovely soft sounds without being frilly, I love it, it's amazing, it doesn't look one tenth as nice on a boy as it does on a girl, I love it, you and your husband are smart, clever people for coming up with such a lovely and perfect name, I love it.

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