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    Thank you all. I have 6 weeks left so maybe he will come up with something different. All I think of is a purple field but with names like Apple,(Gwyneth Paltrow's child) and Bear Blu ( Alicia Silverstone's) I figured by the time she graduates everyone will have strange names.

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    I disagree that it's a little cutesy, but I do think it's too descriptive!

    If you want two nature names, try Violet Azalea, Violet Daisy, Violet Dove, Violet Lark, Violet Linnea, Violet Luna, Violet Magnolia, Violet Ruby, Violet Tansy, Violet Willow or Violet Winter.

    If you want an M mn, try Violet Madeline, Violet Mae, Violet Maeve, Violet Maren, Violet Marina, Violet Margaret, Violet Matilda, Violet Mattea, Violet Milena, or Violet Mirabelle.

    Other options are, Violet Acadia, Violet Amara, Violet Avalon, Violet Delilah, Violet Dorothy, Violet Elara, Violet Eliza, Violet Georgia, Violet Grace, Violet Isannah, Violet Jane, Violet Jessamine, Violet Louise, Violet Ophelia, Violet Selena, Violet True, Violet Veronica, Violet Winifred or Violet Zoe.

    EDIT: And yes, many celebrities' kids have similar names, but they are celebrities and are not normally compared to the average person. And most celebrities who name their children odd things are not praised for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maltwin1 View Post
    Its a little cutesy for my taste (in the same vein as Scarlett Rose or Winter Jewel) but it could certainly be much MUCH worse! If you don't mind the imagery then I say go for it.
    I agree, it is cutesy. But it's sort of sweet that her dad picked it. And it could be much worse. It's one of those things where it breaks berry 'rules' but it's not necessarily a bad name.
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    I really like both names. I knew a lovely Meadow. It is a little cutesy, but I like it.

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    It sounds pretty, but as has already been pointed out, a bit cutesy.

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