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    Violet Meadow sounds nice and conjures up a nice image, but it is very wordy.

    I'd suggest Violet Lane to your husband. It's still wordy and naturey, but also more namey.

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    I think it's a very sweet name but a bit over the too for my tastes.
    I love the story behind it though and if you both love it go for it!
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    Well, the image is pretty, I get this kind of sci-fi-esque mental image of breezy, purple prairies on a far-off planet; but it also makes is <I>so</I> cheesy-poo. I mean, it's a nice idea, but if I were to encounter it in real life, I'd probably wince so hard I'd strain something. It's very, very cheesy.

    As a general rule, I'd avoid pairing Violet with a 'word' name. Violet Elizabeth? Fine. Violet... I dunno... something fanciful, like Violet Seraphina? Even something really dramatic, like Violet Desdemona? Those are fine too. The Violet doesn't sound like an adjective next to a name-name, no matter what it is. Violet Lily? Violet Rose? Violet River? Violet Sky / Skye / whatever? Violet Rain? Bleurgh. It doesn't matter how it -sounds- in terms of flow etc, the -imagery- makes the name grossly cheesy. It could be the prettiest sounds imaginable, but it's always gonna be cheesy.

    Violet in itself is lovely, and a name I've always liked. I'd stick with that. I dislike Meadow in general, and really dislike it here, so if you wanted to change it (and I'm not saying you have to, as how many people know someone's middle name?), I'd change Meadow to something more name-y.

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    If you were randomly just grouping two "word" names together, I'd suggest to keep looking. But I think the fact that you and your husband both chose one of the names, and had a reason behind it, makes it work! Both are very pretty names- use it!

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    I think it's cute and names like that are becoming more popular!!!

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