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    Violet Meadow?!?!

    I finally have chose the name Violet so with my husband choosing the middle name of course he chose Meadow. 1 the Sopranos is our fav show and 2 he says he likes the sound of purple meadow LoL! I guess the middle name isn't all that important. I do not use mine (Nicole) nor do my sons go by theirs.Sound off berries I wanna hear your input.

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    It's a little too cutesy for me. It reminds me of the pen-name for a childrens' author, Daisy Meadows. Sure, she won't use it often, but it's a little silly if she ever does want to.

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    It's a little too wordy for me. It sounds like a description-a violet/purple meadow, like the meadow is purple. It flows and looks pretty though.

    Edit: whoops, you described that already lol. I agree with pp though about the overall feel being a little too cutesy.
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    Its a little cutesy for my taste (in the same vein as Scarlett Rose or Winter Jewel) but it could certainly be much MUCH worse! If you don't mind the imagery then I say go for it.

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    I like Violet. I wouldn't normally go for the name Meadow, but I kind of like the combination. It's unique and flows pretty well. Congrats!

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