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    Need help naming my business

    Completely non-name related.

    I just finished my training and ordination as a Priestess and as soon as I go to the county clerk tomorrow, I'll be able to perform services. I'm able to perform weddings, funerals, handfasting, and various other things. Even though I'm a Priestess and hope to do a lot of Pagan services (handfasting and the like), I also want to offer my services to other faiths or non-faiths as I was given training in the rituals from all sorts of denominations (Christian, Pagan, Catholic, etc). In other words, I want to bill my services to everyone while my specialty is Pagan related things.

    So, because I'm having a hard time thinking of a name for my business, I'd love some help. Something that encompasses the fact that I'm not only doing Pagan things. -- My Amazon Author Page

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