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    No no! It's not just pagan stuff I can do. See I said all that up there. Despite that I'm a pagan priestess, I'd like to offer my services in other religions ceremonies. The state recognizes me religious leader, not pagan priestess. I started out with a very Christian background so I am also very familiar with those ceremonies (wedding, funeral etc) so I want to offer my services to all faiths. Maybe that's clearer?

    Ottilie -- No, I mean I'm opening a business for the purpose of all that stuff up there (services to all faiths and non faiths) plus the normal priestess duties (handfasting, cleansing, etc). This is outside of my regular temple which is exclusively pagan and I am naming on my own. So I need to name for the business I'm opening ah la Angel's Priestess Services (only not that :P ) only something will indicate that I can do more than just pagan services.

    This is hard I know!

    wintersage -- Thanks for taking a stab at it. If I were doing strictly pagan stuff, Enchanted Unions wouldn't actually be that bad so I'm going to file that away in the "just in case I need it" folder. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Hmmm... so legally you would be considered an officiant. That's hard to put into a business name, though.

    Celebration Ceromonies?

    Solemn Promises?

    Sacred Promises?

    Divine Decisions?

    Am I getting closer? This is fun... but REALLY tough.

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    Blessed Rites and Unions? I'm sorry, I'm awful at this stuff. You could incorporate your name as it's so beautiful. Angel's Blessed Rites? Angel's Unions? Or does that sound like a bad local newspaper ad?

    I'm a Non Judgmental Priestess and I'll Bless, Unite and Send You Off No Matter Which Path You're On?

    I think wintersage is much better at this than me. But I find it very interesting!
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    Well... an officiant is a kind of witness to the event as well... so how about:

    Sacred Witness Ceremonies

    It touches on all types of ceremonies (wedding, funeral, etc) and also can be any faith or no faith. I think an atheist would still
    consider their service as sacred.

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    No ottilie... that's some good inspiration. I love the use of Unite.. United... Unity. And Paths or Pathways. Hmmm..

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