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Thread: Alliteration

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    Question Alliteration

    I generally don't have a problem with alliteration (as long as the names don't sound weird together). But do you think it would be too much to have a first and last name starting with "H"? My last name starts with a "H", but doesn't sound anything like the 1 or 2 "H" names I would use (there are no repeating sounds). Last names are not even used most of the time. So what do you think? Is it fine? I know some people tend to avoid alliteration at all costs...

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    No, don't its weird at all. There's lots of people who have the same initial for the first and last names. I think as long as it doesn't sound familiar or is isn't something like Philip Philips (yes...I know hes a real person) or Adam Adamson...then its fine.

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    I usually don't mind alliteration, but my married last name starts with an F. When I sound out the F names I like with my last name, it's just too much. So, I have avoided all F names and it makes me kind of sad!
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    I think a Henry Hayes would be fine. I think a Harold Harrison would be horrifying. I think a Holden Hereford would be fine. I think a Herman Hemming would be icky. Not sure how to explain the difference. I guess if the vowel sounds are too similar? Then it's awful. If they are different, it works fine.

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    I don't think it's weird. It would depend on the name.

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