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    Forfeit middle name to husband to get your dream first name?

    I probably seem all over the place because I have posted all kinds of names, most recently Ivy and Rachel being top names of interest. Caroline was a name I have aaalways loved (one of those names you name all your dolls when you're little). I tried it with my first daughter but husband shot it down so quickly that I haven't brought it up again this time around. To my surprise, HE brought it up today. He's got this obsession with the name Shae/Shay and its not my cup of tea, so he made a joke that we could use my first name love, Caroline with Shay/Shae in the middle spot. Hes still maintaining that it was a "joke" but I am more hopeful that I could bring him around to Caroline. Caroline Shay would have never been my choice of combo, though, so here lies the question: Do I give up my passion for nice flow and pretty combos to get the first name of my dreams? Caroline Shay isn't that bad, of course.. it just wouldn't have came to my mind otherwise.

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    I don't think the flow is honestly that bad. Perhaps he could use Shae/Shay as a pet name between father and daughter, and the rest of the world knows her as Caroline? Just a thought. Personally, if my husband had given me the option to go with whatever first name I chose, I'd have been all over it. The middle name is just not that big a player in ever day life!

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    Caroline Shay's flow isn't all that bad in my opinion.

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    It wouldn't be my first choice either, but I do think it ended up sounding pretty! I think Caroline is a classically beautiful name, and I think the flow sounds fine. For some reason I prefer the Shae spelling to Shay. And I'm going to echo the sentiments from above... if my husband gave me this deal, I'd probably take it, we do not exactly have the same first name tastes!
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    I did that! We used my choice first name in exchange for my boyfriend's choice of middle. He ended up using a name from The Lord of the Rings, hehe! I figured that my son's middle name isn't used a whole lot, and the first name is way more important to me! It was a great deal for me!

    I think Caroline Shay sounds very pretty, too! I'd totally go for it if it gets your the first name you prefer!
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