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    You need to follow YOUR heart, not your parents'! If you want to be a teacher, be a teacher.

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    I can totally relate to your situation right now. I graduated high school a year early at 17 with no idea what I really wanted to do... I went to a small liberal arts school intending to go into creative writing or secondary ed. and languages, and got sidetracked in elementary ed. for a while. Then I went through an absolutely terrible breakup, dropped out of school, spent two years on a degree in Early Childhood ed., went back to the original liberal arts school intending to do Art Ed., but it would have taken me another three years, so I chose Art History as it was something I am passionate about and loved learning, and I could finish it in my timeline. Long story short: it took me 5 years to decide on a college major so I had no idea where I was headed until a little under a year before I graduated. Nobody pushed me to go in one way or the other fortunately, but I didn't really give them the option. I told my parents what I was doing and that was the end of the discussion - mom supported me and dad wasn't really around enough to care.

    In any case, I really want to stress one thing: you absolutely do not have to decide what you're going to do for the rest of your life before you get out of high school.

    Chances are good that you'll change your mind again once you get to college because suddenly there are so many options you never even thought of before. I'm not putting down either of your career ideas or saying you're wishy-washy, it's just what happens and that's absolutely okay.

    Here's what I would do, if I could do college over (and I only graduated 2 months ago lol): Don't decide right now. If you can find a school that offers both elementary ed. and nutrition, go there and try both and then decide. If you can't find a school that has both, go to a community college for a year or two and do your general credits, get them out of the way. Then transfer. You'll save money, have time to get used to the college workload and schedule, and maybe get some new perspectives that help you make up your mind. By the time you get to the 4 year school, you'll ideally only have your major requirements left and you won't have to worry about trying to juggle your 10 hours of elementary ed. fieldwork and those two huge freshman english papers that are due (not fun - trust me, I've been there).

    Of course that's just me, and anything that you decide is fine. It's not a right or wrong decision, and you can always change your mind. It sounds like you have at least half your parents' support and your dad will come around no matter what you decide, from your post it seems like they both love you and want you to be happy, so when you do make a decision, make it based on what YOU want and no one else. Everything else will fall into place. If you read this whole giant post you're a doll, and good luck!
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    I have this exact problem right now! I want to do a degree in Psychology, and my ultimate goal is to be a Child and Adolescent Psychologist, but my parents - particularly my mum in my case - want me to do Law. She keeps going on about how I won't get a job with a Psychology degree but I'll be "set" if I do Law (which is actually wrong because the universities I want to go to all have VERY high rates of employment for Psychology).

    I know what I want to do and, at the end of the day, it's you who is going to have to, not just study this subject for a few more years, actually work in this profession for the rest of your life (or at least a good few years). Do what you want to do because, ultimately, it's you who will have the career you love. Your parents will be just as proud seeing you graduate, whatever you graduate in. Good luck!

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    This is my dilemma as well. I will be beginning my last year of high school soon and the questions about what I want to do in the future are all but rare. My mom wants me to go into English and be a book editor while my dad has mentioned the Navy and nursing. Fast-forward a few months or so of more research and now I have a goal to get a degree in nursing and eventually become a neonatal nurse or a neonatal nurse practitioner (if I choose to continue with schooling).

    I agree with all the pps and especially allie_j's statement - "Your parents will be just as proud seeing you graduate, whatever you graduate in." Your parents just want the best for you and in the end, seeing you in a cap and gown with a diploma in hand will sweep away any previous degree disagreements. Do your research, make a plan and goal, and with passion in your heart, go for it!
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    Thanks for all your words of wisdom, everyone! It was very helpful to read your anecdotes and advice, and I appreciate it greatly! My dad still isn't really talking about my choice with me, but it seems he's come to terms with it and will support me with this choice. Teaching is really the only thing I can imagine myself doing; I've looked into other fields that I could work with children in, such as speech pathology and counseling, but nothing has clicked the way teaching has. I loved hearing all your suggestions, though!

    So, again, thank you very much. You've helped me realize some things about life and myself that are very good to know; you've given me things to mull over. And for that, I'm grateful.

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