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    @Livelong: I see you're in Missouri! I did my CSD prereqs at SLU and grad school at Fontbonne. Where are you at, if you don't mind me asking? Feel free to private message if you don't want to advertise it.

    apologies to original poster! I don't mean to take over your thread!
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    So, my question is this: When you chose the career you went into, did you do it because it would make you happy? Did you choose it to please others? Or was it a combination of both?

    To answer your question maybe this will help, not sure but I will give it a whirl! I am only 23, going to be 24 this year. I struggled so much in high school and was classified with a learning disability. I never felt like I was good at anything and struggled to determine a career path. At first I chose a career path to please others like my family members (my sister more so than my parents). They told me to go in a certain direction. I tried college THREE different times, twice for Fashion merchandising and once to become a Vet Tech. I realized I was not happy with either of those career choices. I could not picture myself doing that every day of my life. For one, I can not stand the fashion world even though I like fashion but only to dress myself not some model. And two I love love animals especially dogs so my parents pushed me to do the Vet Tech program. I hated it, I hated sitting in a classroom where I felt dumb and like a failure. But after being miserable and having no drive or passion, I chose a career that made me happy, and I enjoy. NOW I am a business owner of a dog boutique. Plus my parents realized I was not happy and supported me in a new direction. They actually were the ones to suggest opening up my own store. I took a leap and now I am so happy and love my job. I love educating people and teaching them the reasons as to why buying American made is the way to go along with why their dogs food choices are critical. So for me I had a combination I guess you could say. But I say definitely choose what makes you happy, if you are happy you will succeed no matter what. People are not in your shoes nor are they living your life. Its okay to be selfish to ensure you are happy. And if it takes you 2-3 tries do not panic. But it seems like you have a true passion for teaching! I hope you have great success in what ever career path you choose!
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    Well, I'm about your age. And I haven't really gone the same route, but here's what I've learned anyway.

    This is your life. Not theirs. I'm not going into my chosen career because of my parents, I'm going into it because I love it and it's all I want to do. Sometimes, no matter how much you love your family, you need to shrug them off and ignore their opinion. Make your own choices. Your father will come around.
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    I'm working as a librarian and I'm about to start my final year of a masters program in library and information science. I had never considered libraries as a career until sometime toward the end of my undergrad. An acquaintance and her boyfriend moved to Pennsylvania so that he could get his MLIS. At first I thought, "what a weird choice." But the more I thought about it, the more sense it made for me. It still took me about 5 years after I graduated to start my degree. It took me a much longer than I would have liked to arrive at a career that I love, but I'm not sure I could have gotten here sooner.
    I love being a public librarian. I work at a rural library, so I do a little bit of everything. I'm responsible for children's collection development and programming, so I get to buy books and do fun things with kids. I also work with adult patrons and families. My day is extremely varied and I'm never bored.
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    i did it for the money and security.
    im a Medical Lab Technologist, the person the runs all the lab test your doctor orders because otherwise he'll have no idea whats wrong with you.
    medical jobs are in high demand, especially lab techs because its a 4-year degree, not like some nursing certificate or other tech position where you are just running a piece of equipment. there is a HUGE shortage of lab tech because no one even knows we exist. people just think the doctor looks at the tube of blood the phlebotomist collects from your arm and magically knows whats wrong with them.

    my passion is Anthropology and Art. no money there. a life of struggling for jobs and a lot of work to even remotely get any pay back. probably would never discover anything or be a part of some epic dig in Egypt or the Amazon.

    this is want a lot of people think of education degrees and your parents may feel that they dont want you to have to struggle through it like they did. they feel the pro didnt out weigh the cons.

    im fine with my choice, i can enjoy my passions through hobbies and reading. so unless you truly dont care about the downsides of being a teacher, you can always get your teaching fix at church or volunteering or tutoring etc while still mainly being a nutritionist.

    having a good secure job gives the opportunity to be able to pursue your passions instead of being bogged down in a job you used to be passionate about but has become too tedious or stressful.

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