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Thread: On a girl?

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    Graison with an i looks made-up, which makes me dislike it visually. I personally dislike -son names for girls because it literally has a synonym for male in the name. I think there are plenty of masculine names for girls without having to put a name that means "son of ___" on a girl. I don't think this one is an exception. If there was, it'd probably be something like Emerson that has a very feminine sound (as boys' names go). Grey, Gray, Grai etc. all sound very cold and masculine to me.

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    Graison just looks trendy and wrong. It doesn't look any more feminine than Grayson does. If you feel the need to use the name, spell it Grayson or Gracen. Please.
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    I like the sound of this name and think it could be really cute in a girl. I'm not wild about that "i" in there though. I definitely like the suggestion of Gracen. The base part "Grace" in there makes it more feminine with the same sound to it, and no pronunciation confusion.

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    I only see boy and personally I am starting to laothe this name. Almost every new baby I meet is a Gray/Grayson/Greyson/Gracen etc... it's like no one is original anymore. My cousin even has a Grayson!

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    It made me want to pronounce it 'Gray-zon'...looks too much like the French word 'raison.'

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