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    WDYT of this somewhat odd name?

    So my best friend's name is Mel and I played around with ways to use that for a daughter. I thought about Emielle - pronounced Em-ee-elle, as in M-E-L spelled out. I realise the name is rather ridiculous and I would (probably) never actually use it but it's an interesting thought. My other best friend's middle name is Renee, so the (hypothetical, never to really exist) child would be named Emielle Renee. Nicknamed Emi, probably.

    What are other non-conventional ways to honour friends?

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    It's a cute idea, and it's kinda neat actually. But it does sound kind of ridiculous saying it out loud. It sounds too much like two separate names. I kind of like it though. I, like most other berries, are typically against made up names, but this one intrigues me and has special meaning to you. Emielle Renee is nice!

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    You could use a name that has Mel as a nickname (not very original, but less potential for ridiculousness). There's Amelia, Carmel, Emmeline, Amelie, Melina, Melisande/Melisandre, Melinda, Melanie, Melody, Melissa, Meliora, Melia, Melita, Melva, Melantha, Melba, Millicent/Melicent, Melisha, Mela, Meladia, Melaine, Melea, Melosa, Melaina and Melrose.

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