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    Malachi Andre 'Chi'
    Demetria Simone 'Demi' or 'Misha'
    Adrien Gabriel 'Adi' or 'Gabe'
    Olivine Sandra 'Oli' or 'Liv'
    Jude Parker
    Honor Isobel
    Miranda Simone
    Drew Piper

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    I like Jude and Honor. Not a fan of the rest
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    In no particular order...

    Malachi Andre- Reminds me of a wanna-be thug type kid. I don't know why.
    Adrien Gabriel- Adrien is okay, but I just think, "Yo Adrien! I did it!" But Gabriel is very nice. Gabriel Adrien, maybe?
    Jude Parker- I ADORE this combo.

    Demetria Simone- Gorgeous, even though I'm not a huge fan of Simone.
    Olivine Sandra- I don't care for Olivine or Sandra, and would prefer the sound of Olive Sandrine.
    Honor Isobel- Sounds like a phrase; it's as if you're telling someone to honor a person named Isobel! Isobel Honor might work better.
    Miranda Simone- Beautiful, though Miranda Piper would be to die for.
    Drew Piper- To me, Drew is a masculine name. Love Piper though. Drusilla Piper, nn Dru? Dulcie Piper?
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    Malachi Andre 'Chi' - I don't like this name.
    Demetria Simone 'Demi' or 'Misha' - Both of these names feel dated, but I love the name Misha. Maybe Misha Simone?
    Adrien Gabriel 'Adi' or 'Gabe' - I prefer Gabriel Adrien. I dislike nickname Gabe, but Adi (ah-DEE) is an Israeli nickname which is usually female.
    Olivine Sandra 'Oli' or 'Liv' - Not a fan.
    Jude Parker - I like both Jude and Parker, not sure I like them together.
    Honor Isobel - Honor feels very harsh on a little girl. How about Honora?
    Miranda Simone - Dislike.
    Drew Piper - Prefer Piper Drew.

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    Malachi Andre 'Chi' -- Sorry, I just don't really like this name. Other people seem to feel differently! I just don't see any appeal.
    Demetria Simone 'Demi' or 'Misha' -- Um, love. Misha is the cutest nickname. With Simone? Stop. I love it.
    Adrien Gabriel 'Adi' or 'Gabe' -- Adi? Eh. I'd just stick with Adrien. And I do love the name.
    Olivine Sandra 'Oli' or 'Liv' -- Such a lovely update on Olivia! Can't stand it, it's wonderful. Olivine. Cute!! Love it.
    Jude Parker -- Meh. Beatles song. Kinda emo. Not my favorite.
    Honor Isobel -- I can take it or leave it. It's a good name, a solid name, but it doesn't have a spark for me.
    Miranda Simone -- Very flashy. Not my style, but it's a solid choice. Very vixen, though. It sounds like the name of a motorcyle-riding, sexy, lady assassin. Not sure if that's what you're going for with your kid. Not a bad thing! But that's the vibe I get.
    Drew Piper -- I despise Drew on a boy, but it's got something on a girl. Solid choice, and Drew Barrymore makes it 100% normal and cool. Quite like it.

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