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    Question Pitbull and Great Dane being raised around a baby....

    I grew up on a farm and my folks bred and trained German Shepherds, PitBulls, Great Danes, Mastifs and Rotwrillers for polices. hunting, farming, ect. My wife and I want a pitbull puppy and a great dance since we both grew up with these dogs(she grew up with the great dane) and we want to have them but are worried with our son on the way. She was 12 when her parents got their great dane, but i grew up with these dogs since the day i was born. (literally i was born on my folks farm with dogs running around. (thus being how i got my middle name Hound)). I know how to raise these dogs to he gkod, social, family dogs since ive been doing it with my dad when I was 8 and on my own when I was 15. With my experiencs, should I get the dogs? my parents want us to get two puppies from their three litters as late christmas gifts. the litters are great dane, pit, and grey hound.

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    I've heard Great Danes recommended as good dogs around children, Pit Bulls, not so much. Of course it helps if you know what you are doing (and you go to a reputable breeder), but I have a passion for breed books, and I've never read one that said Pit Bulls are a good choice for a family with children. It probably won't end tragically, but no one who knows dogs is saying this is a great way to go.

    A Dane might lean on the child -- and he might not be the most fun as a playmate, but properly bred and raised, a Dane should at not pose a threat. You realize it will be a long while before your child is able to walk this dog -- perhaps eight years. Maybe you should think about it from the child's point of view -- but in that case, you might decide to wait until the child is old enough to have a preference and to enjoy the dog. Maybe the child will want a small, cuddly dog (like a Cavalier) or a dog that will chase sticks and also curl up on his bed at night (like a Golden).

    Right now, you might want to get a dog you and your wife enjoy, a dog that can share your child's childhood, but that will distinctly be your dog.

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    Also, consider that Great Danes don't live long compared to other dogs, but I agree, they're safer than pit bulls around children.

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    It's really important you get the right type of dog. Great Danes are good with children, but I'd never get a Pit Bull. Labradors are brilliant with children if you're open to a different breed. Do you have any other small children or just the baby on the way?
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    I had to think about this for a minute. While I think you are in the right direction with knowing the breeds and how to train them I have to ask if your wife is as familiar with pitbulls as you are. A puppy and a new baby is a lot of work let alone two puppies and a baby. I see nothing wrong with the pitbull breed around kids and I know people who have them and kids I do think you need to what you're doing though and it sounds like you do. If you are hesitant I wouldn't do it though. Not until you are comfortable maybe when the baby is bigger.

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