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    What do you say when people tell you their don't like your kids name?

    The other day I took my daughter to school and she was showing her little sister Indie to her friends. A couple of parents overheard her introducing Indie to other kids and said to me that they loved to two older kids names, but they just didn't like the name Indie... I explained it was just a nickname etc. but it seemed really weird to say that you don't like a name to their parents face. Really weirdly, it happened again a couple days later in the park. Someone overhead me saying Indie and they told me that it was a bit of an odd hipster name, what do you even say to that?
    Ok, so this was mostly just a rant, but I really don't know what you are meant to say when people tell you they don't like the name you picked! She's a year old, it's a bit late now :P

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    Wow! People are rude. That fortunately hasn't happened to me yet. I wouldn't be surprised to find out people said something behind our backs though. I got no advice for you, just showing sympathy.
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    When my sister named her first daughter (a classic, well-known but not commonly used name), her in-laws here horrified by the name. They hated everything about it, while my family was like "Wow, what a gorgeous name!" I can distinctly remember being at my sister's house to visit sometime after the birth, and her in-laws showed up (her husband's siblings are a good deal younger than him, so it was his parents and four younger siblings there visiting, the youngest of which was about 10 years old). My sister and brother-in-law had gone into a different room with his mother, when his 10-year old sister announced "Like mom said, the name is ugly so we're going to call her by her middle name whether they want us to or not"...she was quickly shushed by the older siblings, but my family had obviously heard it.

    And they did indeed try to call her by her middle name. My sister and brother-in-law corrected them each time. Eventually they started calling her by her first name, and now they love it. It took a while to grow on them, but I think once you got to know her personality the name just fit her.

    I can't imagine saying I hated the name right to someone's face. I meet a lot of babies with names I think are hideous, but I would never mention it anywhere near the mom or the kid!

    For what it's worth, I love the name Indie. I'm sure as people get to know her and her personality they'll start to love it too.
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    When we told everyone that we were naming our first son Henry nobody said anything. After he was born we found out that everyone thought we had been joking, lol. It was a little awkward for a moment, but it didn't really matter to me what they thought. It hasn't come up since.
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    I think its really rude and ignorant. Amelie went to a painting club for toddlers (accompanied by me) when she was about 2, and when I introduced her to the instructor, she said "Amelie? You mean like Amelia with a funny accent? I'm just going to call you Amelia to make things easier!". I was like "Eh, no you won't, her name is Amelie, could you please address her by her proper name?".

    Anyway she said she'd make an effort but Amelie was so strange and took a lot of effort to say correctly, not to be surprised if Amelia accidentally slipped out from time to time. We lasted about 3 weeks at that class before I got sick of her attitude and joined a toddler dancing class instead

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