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    Also thought of Sierra and Diana for you.

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    Nature names are a hit here at the moment, so something like Lotus Seven Li would fit several trends and still be uncommon, and also have a link to China.

    Just saw you changed to Qin. Lotus Qin Li is cute too.

    Another idea might be Honor.

    Honor Qin Li is really cute. Virtue names like Hope and Faith are long time favorites. Names like Glory and Honor are newer, but still fit the trend.
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    So glad you are going with Qin as the middle! It will be lovely and beautiful : D. As to picking one name over the other, hmm, a couple thoughts:

    1) Juliana has historical ties to the month July, which is the 7th month of the year, so there'd still be a tie into seven there. I'm glad you're not going with Seven as the middle name by the way. It's perfectly fine, and I agree no one knows middle names, but a British celebrity Victoria Beckham recently named her daughter Harper Seven, and for some reason it just reminds me of that. Also, it was the title of a horror movie years and years ago - I doubt that many people remember it now, but it did come to mind for me.
    2) Juliana's meaning is "young" or "youthful" - is that a good meaning in Chinese traditions? Also, the first syllable of Juliana will evoke the word "Jewel" to many people - it's not unheard of for girls named Julie/Julia/Juliet/Julianne/Juliana to go by Jules (pronounced jewels) as a nickname. So that's probably a positive association.
    3) I think in general, look for meaning - what is the meaning of Qin? Maybe we can find an English-language name that ties to that?
    4) Or, what name would you pick in Chinese, and maybe we can help you find something with a similar meaning? Then calling her by that Chinese name could be a logical nickname option, or even a logical name to use in some cases in China, even if her main name / legal official name is an English one.

    Best wishes!

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    ninanoo, thank you for your suggested names. We ever considered Diana but not decided.

    And jesba, thank you so much for your explanation of Juliana. I now love Juliana more than other names. As to Chinese name we have no idea at this time and we think it may be derived from the English name.

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    Yes, I'm going to agree with @ninanoo... Nature names would work. A lot of Chinese names (both male and female) either seem to be nature (霞、晨、雯、莲), good luck in some way、or about one's good attributes (杰、仁)... so why not look for names with meanings in those categories?
    Juniper Qin Li
    Violet Qin Li
    Lucia Qin Li (light)
    Acacia Qin Li (Uh-kay-shee-uh)
    Azalea Qin Li (Uh-zay-lee-uh)
    Cassia Qin Li (Cass-ee-uh)
    Dahlia Qin Li (Dah-lee-uh)
    Ginger Qin Li (This one has an 'older' feel)
    Iris Qin Li (eye-ris)
    Willow Qin Li
    Autumn Qin Li
    Augusta/ Augustina/ Augustana Qin Li (back to the month... also means 'great, magnificent')
    Celeste Qin Li (Sel-est... the sky, heavens)
    Amaryllis Qin Li (Uh-mare-ee-lis... a flower)
    Magnolia Qin Li (Mag-no-lee-uh... a flower)
    Marjoram Qin Li (Mar-jor-am... a flower)
    Maryam Qin Li (Mar-ee-am... a flower)
    Marigold Qin Li (Mar-ee-gold... a flower)
    Viola Qin Li (Vi-ol-uh... an instrument, and I think a flower also)
    Clementine Qin Li (a fruit)
    Saffron Qin Li (a spice... quite a modern feel, some may dislike it)
    Darya Qin Li (Dar-ee-uh... the ocean, sea)
    Gemma Qin Li (Jem-muh... gem, precious stone)
    Emerald Qin Li
    Teresa (Ter-ee-suh... late summer)
    Sylvia Qin Li (Sil-vee-uh... from the forest... a bit old style)
    Tara Qin Li (Tair-uh... star, hill... old style)
    Winter Qin Li
    Briar Qin Li (Bri-er... a plant)
    Soleil Qin Li (So-lay... a French name for the sun)
    Nova Qin Li (No-vuh... 'new', but also used to describe stars)
    Scarlet Qin Li (a color of red... fits in well with Chinese culture)
    Olive Qin Li
    Savannah Qin Li (Suh-van-uh... a grassland)
    Malia Qin Li (jasmine flower)
    Marissa Qin Li (the seashore)
    Chloe Qin Li (Klow-ee... blooming)
    Evette/ Yvette Qin Li (Ee-vet... yew tree)
    Ilana Qin Li (tree)
    Camellia Qin Li (a flower)
    Morgana Qin Li (sea circle)
    Isla Qin Li (eye-la... island)
    Iona Qin Li (I-own-uh... island)
    Kendra Qin Li (Ken-druh... high hill)
    Samara Qin Li (Sam-ar-uh... seed of the elm tree)
    Tamia Qin Li (Tam-ee-uh... palm tree)
    Tallulah Qin Li (Tuh-loo-luh... running water)
    Helena Qin Li (Hel-en-uh... light)
    Eliana Qin Li (El-ee-ah-nuh... light)
    Alena Qin Li (Ah-len-uh... light)
    Orianna Qin Li (Or-ee-ah-nuh... sunrise)
    Cira Qin Li (seer-uh... sun)
    Roxana Qin Li (Rocks-anna... sunrise, can be shortened to Roxy... Rock-see)
    Anora Qin Li (Ah-noor-uh... light)
    Clarice Qin Li (Clare-ees... light, clear)
    Selena Qin Li (Seh-leen-uh... moon)
    Diana Qin Li (goddess of the moon)
    Cyra Qin Li (Seye-ruh... moon)
    Amarissa Qin Li (Am-uh-riss-uh... child of the moon)
    Calista Qin Li (Cuh-list-uh... a constellation of stars, means 'cup; fairest, most beautiful')
    Carina Qin Li (Cah-reeh-uh... a constellation of stars, means 'beloved')
    Danica Qin Li (Dan-ih-kuh... morning star)
    Vespera Qin Li (evening star)
    Vesper Qin Li (evening star... and a prayer that takes place in the evening in the Catholic Church)
    Rosalind Qin Li (beautiful rose)

    Good Luck:
    Felicia Qin Li (Fel-ees-ee-uh... lucky, fortunate, happy)

    Tatum Qin Li (Tay-tum... bringer of joy)
    Valencia Qin Li (Val-ens-ee-uh... strong, healthy)
    Valentina Qin Li (Val-en-teen-uh... strong, healthy... also makes one think of love due to Valentine's Day)
    Kyra Qin Li (Kai-ruh... strong woman)
    Brianna Qin Li (Bree-ahn-uh... strong)
    Allegra Qin Li (Ah-leg-ruh... quickly, with a happy air)
    Beatrice Qin Li (Bee-uh-tris... blessed)
    Constance Qin Li (most steadfast)
    Adelaide Qin Li (Add-ell-aide... noble)
    Adonia Qin Li (add-o-nee-uh... goddess of love)
    Anais Qin Li (ann-i-yis... goddess of love)
    Freya Qin Li (fray-uh... goddess of love and fertility... maybe could fit in with 多子多福)
    Rhiannon Qin Li (goddess of fertility)
    Victoria Qin Li (victory)
    Mona Qin Li (noble)
    Cassandra Qin Li (Cass-ann-druh... shining upon man)
    Valeria Qin Li (Val-air-ee-uh... strong, healthy)
    Aida Qin Li (Eye-ee-duh... the name of a famous opera... also 'distinguished, helpful')
    Serena Qin Li (serene)
    Malina Qin Li (peace)
    Shiloh Qin Li (Shy-low... peace)
    Asha Qin Li (Ash-uh... hope)
    Eleanor Qin Li (compassion)
    Concordia Qin Li (harmony)
    Emeline/ Emmeline Qin Li (peaceful home)
    Chiara Qin Li (Kee-ar-uh... bright, famous)
    Clara Qin Li (bright, famous)
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