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    Question Need first names for middle name Seven and last name Li

    We couple are from China and our daughter will born in the US. We are considering to name her with a English style name so that she has less trouble to live here. Our favorite middle name is Seven (for some reasons of Chinese culture) and her last name is Li (you may think it as Lee), thus her full name will like "xxxxx Seven Lee". We like classic, elegant but not very popular name. It is plus if the name is somehow related to orient, Asia or China, but not necessary.

    I know making a good name needs deep knowledge about English cultures, so what suggestions you have? The matching first names, or the middle name okay or not? Thank you for any opinions. So do my daughter.

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    Hi liliqin! I think it's very smart of you to want to give your daughter a name that Americans will be able to pronounce without too much difficulty. I think the middle name you've chosen is very nice, and will go well with lots of first names.

    What do you think of:
    Catherine Seven Li (nickname Cate)
    Margaret Seven Li (nickname Maggie)
    Victoria Seven Li
    Evelyn Seven Li (nickname Evie)
    Lillian Seven Li (nickname Lily)

    Mama to Quentin Charles, born July 4!

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    Leahmarie512, thank you so much. I love the names you suggested and I know they are all very classic names. You let me know that these names go well with my middle name and last name (that is a challenge for me with limited English). The only issue I am afraid of is they are too common just like some popular Chinese name in China. Many same names in a class of school. Could you suggest some relative unique (but also elegant and classic) names? I know it is a tough task.

    And I am looking forward to other opinions. Thanks.

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    I like the sound of Caitlin Li (pronounced Kate Lynn). I think Evelyn Li sounds really sweet but Evelyn rhymes with Seven. I'll also suggest Purity. It's an old fashioned virtue name that everyone can pronounce and spell but it's almost never used. I knew a Purity (very sweet.. her name fit her) whose son married a girl named Charity!

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    Allegra Seven Li (Allegra means 'joyful')
    Juliana Seven Li
    Sydney Seven Li
    Melanie Seven Li
    Felicity Seven Li ('happy')
    Angela Seven Li

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