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    Thoughts on Meadow??

    I've recently fallen for the name Meadow. I was wondering what you berries think of it?

    Is it too hippy?
    Can you think of any nicknames for Meadow??

    Do you think Meadow Brooke sounds nice (a friend on here suggested it to me)?
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    I've always had a thing for Meadow, but it's a bit too hippy-dippy for me to actually use it. I think it could make a nice MN for a girly FN, like Ariana Meadow, Mirabella Meadow, Ophelia Meadow, Emilia Meadow, etc. Meadow Brooke is a bit too descriptive for me... the only nn I can think of is Mia/Mea... the sound isn't really there, but the letters are...
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    I love love LOVE the name Meadow!! I have considered it for my list several times. I don't think it is too hippy at all! I think it is a wonderful choice

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    i dont mind word names etc. but to meadow just isnt a nice sounding names... automatic nns could be MED... i agree that it would work better as a middle name..

    sorry just NMS at all!
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    I love Meadow. I love the sound and the hippy vibe it gives off. Gwendolen Meadow is in the #1 spot on my list.

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