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    They either a) buy a baby name book, b) use a name that they have heard (someone they've met or a name from a book or movie) or c) use a family name. They probably do not realize that the name they are choosing is popular and they certainly wouldn't think it was boring. Most people have no clue what the name trends are. My husband likes names from the 80s and 90s cuz those are the names he knows.
    My local radio station posted the blogs about the top berry names for girls and boys and thought they were the most popular names that were being used not searched!
    I am a "name-nerd" because I have an unusual name and I used to check out the baby name books from the library when I was younger over and over and I started making lists. I wonder if the librarian thought I was going to be a teen mom... When the internet came I realized that there were other people like me out there. I always thought I was the only one!
    Most people just don't care to spend hours reading blogs and making name combos. Most people don't even care about flow. They just go with what they like. In a way I think it must be nice since I have no clue how I will ever decide. I am not good at making decisions, especially on one name combo. There are too many wonderful names that I love.
    Anyway, we shouldn't judge these people too harshly. Unless they are celebrities and name their daughter North West or their son Pilot Inspektor. Honestly, they are just awful!

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