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    I agree with kala_way. Non-berries probably do some research, buy name books, ask around, but maybe not to as much extent. In some ways it's a bit of a curse to be that person who spends hours agonizing over whether Eliane or Elaine is better in terms of flow, popularity, meaning, etc. :-)

    I don't think the world is divided into berries (or name nerds) and non-berries. Of course, there must be SOME people who just use the first name they like without doing any research, just like there are some people (i.e., me) who buy the first car they like without doing much research. Car afficionados must think I'm the most boring person in the planet because I drive a gray Corolla, but it's just not a big deal to me. Likewise, a name nerd might scoff at Jacob, but his mom may say she picked her favourite name and would do it again, despite the popularity. As long as they don't do something truly horrible and name their kid Hitler or Stupid, it's none of my business.
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    Are we really going to argue about whether or not choosing a top 10 name is boring again? Really? It seems like this debate happens every few days.

    If you think choosing a top 10 name is boring: I agree with you. We're allowed to think that. It does not make us bad people.

    If you think choosing a top 10 name isn't boring: I disagree with you. You're allowed to think that. Although I disagree with you, that does not make me a bad person.

    There. Done. Can we not? I think this post was supposed to be more about the thought process behind choosing a name than the merits of specific popularity levels.
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    When I started researching names, before I became a Berry, the first thing I did was type "popular baby names" into Google and write down the ones I liked. Thank god I soon discovered Nameberry! I think the process for many non-Berries is similar to mine without stumbling upon this site. A glance at a list of popular names and a brainstorm about which other names they've heard and liked.
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    I think they just pick names that they've heard that they like, which isn't so different from us, we just do a lot more research. A lot of people try to pick names that aren't too common, but they still think the common names are the names they remember hearing a lot when they were in school, not what's popular now. I think a lot of people want to pick names with significance, but they don't really know how to go about it, so they end up using family names that aren't very creative or being too creative and making up a name.

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    They either a) buy a baby name book, b) use a name that they have heard (someone they've met or a name from a book or movie) or c) use a family name. They probably do not realize that the name they are choosing is popular and they certainly wouldn't think it was boring. Most people have no clue what the name trends are. My husband likes names from the 80s and 90s cuz those are the names he knows.
    My local radio station posted the blogs about the top berry names for girls and boys and thought they were the most popular names that were being used not searched!
    I am a "name-nerd" because I have an unusual name and I used to check out the baby name books from the library when I was younger over and over and I started making lists. I wonder if the librarian thought I was going to be a teen mom... When the internet came I realized that there were other people like me out there. I always thought I was the only one!
    Most people just don't care to spend hours reading blogs and making name combos. Most people don't even care about flow. They just go with what they like. In a way I think it must be nice since I have no clue how I will ever decide. I am not good at making decisions, especially on one name combo. There are too many wonderful names that I love.
    Anyway, we shouldn't judge these people too harshly. Unless they are celebrities and name their daughter North West or their son Pilot Inspektor. Honestly, they are just awful!

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