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    How do non-Berries choose a name?

    I've been wondering this recently, as most of my facebook friends seem to be pregnant or new moms right now, and the names seem so boring to me. (And before someone comments and says all names are special and unique because they were given with love: I know that. I'm not arguing that their names are bad. I'm just saying naming your kid a top 10 name is boring.) I'm leaving out the people who've mentioned that the name they've chosen is a family name.

    Among my friends, names seem to be equally divided into the popular and the trendy. By which I mean they either name their kids William and Olivia/Emma/Sohpia or they name their kids Mason/Aiden/Jaxon and Brinley/Paisley/Bentlee/Macklee.

    And I guess my question is this: how does a non-Berry come to choose whichever name they choose? I'm assuming we all know non-name nerds and could ask what their process was, so I'm curious if there's a pattern behind what they choose...whether it's just hearing a name repeated over and over until they love it, or wanting their kid to be unique, etc.
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    I assume with a lot of people they just use names they hear around all the time like Ava, Ella, etc. or family names
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    I don't think that naming your kid something in the Top 10 is boring. It's what they want, so if you want to name your daughter Sophia Emma, then go ahead. Not all people believe in deeply researching their child's names, they just pick what they like. So I think that's how non-Berries pick a name - they choose what they love and what sounds good!
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    lol. I don't know. I have a pregnant coworker, and she plans on naming her daughter Mila. I'm guessing she heard it when she heard of Mila Kunis, and she thought it was a cool name. She's said over and over that she really doesn't want a popular name, and she's talked somewhat disdainfully about how popular Isabella, Chloe, Olivia, Sophia, etc. are. Sometimes I wonder if she realizes how trendy Mila really is (and how trendy it will be!). I feel like it's not really my spot to say anything, and honestly, I quite hate Mila, so I wouldn't want to talk her out of a name she loves just because I strongly hate it. It's not a popular name yet, but I'm sure it's headed straight to the top, and I wonder how she'll feel about her daughter in five years when little Mila is starting kindergarten.

    The other people I know who are having babies, though--they just seem to choose names that are very typical of people I know in my state. I know very few babies (or know of very few babies) with top 10 names, but I come across a lot of very common names that are outside the top 10 (like Samuel, Arianna, Nicholas, Tyler, Gavin, etc.). In the past couple years, I've come across:

    Natalie Grace and Jillian Nicole (siblings--Jillian was born earlier this year, and Natalie was born a couple years ago)
    Gavin Michael
    Isabella (my boss's wife just named her baby this a couple weeks ago. They have a few other kids, they're Croatian, and I'm just curious what the other kids are! I'm guessing their names are fairly common...)
    Theodore "Teddy" (it was a family name, though. Big sisters are Layla and Arianna "Anna")

    And before I left my last job, a coworker (who will be a teen mom) had just found out she was pregnant... She asked me about names because she knew I loved them. Before she found out she was pregnant, she had liked Hannah Gabriella and Caden ... something (she didn't know for a combo, but her boyfriend liked Caden Daniel. I think Caden Alexander and Caden James were also tossed around). When we talked about names, she liked Luca and Elijah. She liked the idea of an Italian name, because her family is Italian.

    I think honestly, a lot of people who aren't Berries think of the same thing--I just don't think their criteria is as strict as most of us are. I don't think they freak out so much about popularity, or care so much about unisex names, or stress so much about a name. They hear it, they like it, they use it. And it's a done deal, haha. I know the mom of Gavin Michael... if Gavin had been a boy, she said she would have named her Skylyn Jade. She had always liked Jade, but didn't like it so much anymore as a FN when she got pregnant. She liked the idea of Skye, but wanted a fuller name. Hence, the trendy (and, imo, a bit stripperish) Skylyn Jade.
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    Most people think about names in a similar way to what we do.
    They may not have lists by the hundreds but they probably have looked at a name book or two and marked down what they like. They've probably had conversations with their SO and maybe their family and friends and then pared it down to a short list.

    The process isn't all that different, just on a smaller scale (and possibly with less stress )

    Many people obviously don't pay attention to a lot of the "rules" that we maintain about crafting perfectly balanced names and sets--but it gets the job done
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