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    The preliminary list - Need help!

    Well, we've started (or.. I've started) talking a bit about names, because let's be honest - its the only tangible thing you got this early in a pregnancy! Anyway, I can conclude that we do NOT see eye to eye on names AT ALL. He's turned down all but one of my favorite girls names.

    I absolutely adore Miriam - but he absolutely hates it, so no Miriam for me. Same with Lilith, Flora and Clara. I don't think I'll even be able to get him to consider these four. His reaction was... well you'd have to be there, but I'm sure most NBs have been on the receiving end of "the face" by their SO not liking a name in any way, irregardless of how its presented.

    Rosalie seem to be the only name we can sort of agree on, but, and it might be my hormones, it doesn't seem right anymore. I love the nickname Roo, but I feel like Rosalie doesn't fit too well with our boys names, Tristan & Noah, and Rosa seems half finished. I love Rosalind - but hate the English pronunciation and I feel the way I pronounce it would just be awkward - Rose-a-lin.

    Other names he has said "maybe" too is:

    Neither two strikes a cord with me.

    I'm not too worried about boys names - my favorite is Jasper and although he doesn't like it, I'm pretty sure I can trumph it through simply because he likes no other names and has no viable options either (only joke ones). So if it's a boy I'll do the same I did with our youngest son which was: "He's Noah until YOU come up with something better". By the time he was born SO loved Noah as much as I did!

    I really need help in the girl name department. I love girl names that are a bit vintage (although no Margaret, Mabel, Maeve) and a bit obscure. SO is a bit more any ol' "top-10" name will do, so familiar and safe. He can be converted tho, I just got to find the RIGHT name.

    Middle name options we agree on are:
    Rosalie (if not used as first name obviously )

    With a possibility of a second middle name:

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    Well, Roo is obviously the best nickname there is !!

    I think you can pronounce Rosalind the way you do, the brief period Aphrodite was still called Rosalind I pronounced it differently than we do in England (I choose to go more in the German direction).

    A name I truly love which would give you Roo is Rosilda. I've only heard (or rather read) it one place, in Swedish writer Maria Gripe's shadow books (they were never translated into English). I also really like Rosalba, Rosaline, Rosabel, Rosanna, Rosina and Rosemary. And fabulous Roxana or Roxanne.
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    I'm Danish - so my pronunciation would probably be more along the German route as well! I just keep hearing people saying "you say it wrong"

    Rosilda is actually quite interesting - but I know what SO would say. (curse him!)

    Rosabel and Rosalba are beautiful - although I know anytning with alba in it is an automatic no. Rosabel might actually stand a chance.

    My SO nan was called Rosemary and he's not a big fan of her, so that ones out - my best friend is Rosanna, so thats out too. Rosina, well that pretty much means raisin in Danish (rosin) and Rosaline, altho it's pretty - I don't like it for some reason.

    Roxanne - I cant help but think katie Price and her cage fighter ex :P

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