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    Not at all keen on Sapphire. 'Exotic dancer' is a more polite term than what I was thinking of :/ But if you like the nn Saffi, how about Saffron? I went to school with a couple of girls called Saffron nn Saffy/Saffie and I think it's much more wearable

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    An exotic dancer?


    In reply to everyone on this thread I would like to share my side of the story being that my name actually is Sapphire.

    I think it's a lovely name without sounding like I'm bigging my self up. As a child I really didn't like having a different name but now that I'm in my twenties I love the fact that my name isn't the same as everyone elses. I know about 7 Hannah's and multiple Charlotte's.

    I don't feel my name sounds anything like a exotic dancer, this made me laugh a lot.

    I do however really dislike the name Saffron, I do not think it is nice to say.

    From, Sapphire.

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    I prefer Sapphira too (or even Safira).
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    I love Sapphire, but prefer the nickname Fia. Sapphire has recently been pushed off of even my guilty pleasure lists because my engagement ring has a big honkin' sapphire, and it just seemed weird to keep it around even knowing we wouldn't use it. I'd like to encourage you to use it though! I don't hear exotic dancer in it at all, actually, quite the opposite.
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