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    I think that Cecily (even though it's beautiful) and Sophie should be avoided because of the "-ey" at the end of your last name, and I'm not a fan of alliteration so I'd say that Juliet/Julia is also out. I agree that Tea Jelley would sound fine, but look kind of strange. Madeleine definitely seems like the best choice from the list you've given, and Cecile would also work (although is has a somewhat different sound to Cecily).

    What do you think of:
    Madeleine Hope Jelley (similar vibe to Grace)
    Madeleine Clare Jelley
    Madeleine Fleur Jelley (my fav!)
    Madeleine Page Jelley

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    It wasn't an option, but I really like the sound of Cecelia Jelley. I think a slightly longer first name that doesn't end in "ee" balances the last name nicely.

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    You absolutely do not have to choose a popular first name because you have an unusual last name, although with yours I think it would be best to avoid names even resembling common words. Of course, there's nothing wrong with popular names. I vote for Madeleine.
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    I like the suggestion of using Thea spelling instead of Tea, that was my first thought. Theresa or Tessa would be really nice, too...Tea/Thea would be a nice nn for Theresa (or Theodora).

    I don't really like the alliteration of Julia/Juliet Jelley, it's a bit cutesy, and Sophie and Cecily both have the same ee sound as Jelley...not bad, just not my favorite, flow-wise. Of your list, my favorites are Tea/Thea and Madeleine.

    I don't think you need an.especially common name to work well with Jelley. Just avoid noun and descriptive names, mostly.

    Other ideas: Charlotte, Abigail, Bridget, Margaret, Hannah, Cordelia, Susan/Susanna, Evelyn, Gwendolyn, Matilda, Rebecca, Katherine, Natasha, Lia/Leah, Eleanor, Laura, Alexandra, Clara, Esther, Caitlin, Dinah, Fiona

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I might go with something like Marianne Jelley (there's a hidden 'angel' in there).
    Agreed--Marianne Jelly would be absolutely gorgeous!

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