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    Should we go with a pop name

    What name works best with our last name? Jelly
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    I think Madeleine works best with Jelley, though it's not necessarily my favorite on its own from your list.
    I don't think you need a popular name with it necessarily though.
    I do think Tea Jelley is odd to read although saying it sounds fine.

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    Yeah unfortunately I think you're right about avoiding Tea Jelly. I don't think you need to pick a popular name; if I were in your situation I would avoid ones that end with "ee" sound or look like some food/other item. I like Juliet but am not a fan of alliteration. For those reasons I think Madeline is the best choice on your list. Best wishes!
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    I might go with something like Marianne Jelley (there's a hidden 'angel' in there). Madeleine is my favorite from your list. Best wishes!

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    Hmm, I don't think Jelley needs a popular first name, or even a particularly recognizable name. If your last name were tough in a hard-to-spell way, I'd recommend you pick a first that can be spelled easily, but I think Jelley has some wiggle room. That said, I too think Madeleine sounds prettiest with Jelley. Cecily and Sophie share Jelley's ending sound (esp. Cecily), which I find a little rhymey and redundant. Téa is gorgeous, but too food-related to go with Jelley. And while I usually like alliteration, Julia Jelley walks the edge between pretty and cartoony a little too closely for my taste. Madeleine is elegant and familiar (and this is my favorite spelling!). I think you've got plenty of pet name options besides the popular Maddie; Della, Leina/Lena, Linney, Mellie, Addie, etc. are sweet. And there are lots of great middles that would sound nice. Do you have any family favorites, or places that are important to you, etc? Otherwise these work IMO:

    Madeleine Lucia Jelley
    Madeleine Alice Jelley
    Madeleine Mae Jelley
    Madeleine Sophia Jelley
    Madeleine Harper Jelley
    Madeleine Blair Jelley or Madeleine Clare Jelley
    Madeleine Louise Jelley
    Madeleine Julia Jelley (I like Julia in the middle! and MJ is kinda fun)
    Madeleine Renee Jelley

    Another thought: would you consider spelling Téa as Thea? They're pronounced the same in certain countries, like France. It would likely be mispronounced as THEE-ah on people's first read of it, but then again, so would Téa ("uh, is it 'tee'?"). Thea Jelley might take care of the food-association problem, at least as far as reading it goes, and you could say it as "tay-uh".

    Thea Madeleine Jelley
    Thea Vivian Jelley
    Thea Frances Jelley or Thea Francesca Jelley
    Thea Lillian Jelley
    Thea Caroline Jelley
    Thea Evelyn Jelley
    Thea Beatrix Jelley

    For other suggestions, here are a few:
    Linnea Jelley - You get some of Téa's sound plus the soft, feminine sounds that hearken to Lily, Ella, the end of Madeleine, etc. I think Linnea Jelley is amazing, and Linney or Lea (rhymes with Téa) are great nns. Linnea Madeleine Jelley or Linnea Juliet Jelley would be fabulous!!!
    Anneliese Jelley
    Miranda Jelley
    Cecilia Jelley (I think it flows better than Cecily)
    Evelyn Jelley
    Alice Jelley
    Carys Jelley
    Rebecca Jelley
    Merida Jelley or Meredith Jelley
    Adeline Jelley
    Emmeline Jelley
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