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Thread: Judith?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    I like it, caveat: with "Jude" as a nickname and if it were my name I would correct anyone who called me Judy.

    Reminds me of Edith, which I also like.
    Yep, me too! I prefer Jude to Judy as a nn, and I tend to love names with the th ending, like Edith, Lilith, Tanith, Blythe.
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    I have a love/hate relationship with Judith. Some days I think it sounds old ladyish and dated, others I think it sounds striking, romantic and medieval. Right now I'm in a love phase with it so I say yes, go ahead and use Judith. It's lovely.

    Not a fan of the nickname Judy though . That definitely does sound dated!

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    I love Judith. I think it is time for a come back
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    Judith is the little baby girl within The Walking Dead series. Given the popularity of both the comic and the TV show, I could see it rising in years to come. Also for me, Judy Jetson and the song "Judy in Disguise" come to mind, so it doesn't seem so old to me.
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    Looks like Judith is pretty polarizing. I LOVE Judith, but can't get hubby to see things my way. Judith or Judy would be so refreshing IMO.
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