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Thread: Judith?

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    Judith is a classic strong biblical name that would be adorable on a little girl but I really dislike the nn Judy which makes the name loose some of its appeal. Like some other posters I like the nn Jude I think its refreshing and interesting and gives more dimension and options to a vintage name.
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    I like Judith a lot. I prefer it to Edith or a lot of the crustier old-lady names that get love on NB.

    Judy is retro rockabilly cool to me, like Betty or Susie.

    Judith itself has a strong-yet-femme unfrilly solidity. I get why it's not popular - it's not a sweet-frilly sort of liquid name that's all vowels and l's, or 4 syllables long and ending in -a. That -th ending, which I like, is too tailored for a lot of people, but I think its a nice contrast with today's trendy names.

    But I'm a sucker for Judith/Lilith/Meredith/Elspeth, so that's me.

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    I love it! It might help that I have never met a Judith though.
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    Judith is actually growing on me.

    When i first heard that they were naming the baby Judith in the walking dead i was like "rly!? NOOO" and was huffing and puffing over it, but now, after hearing it several times - I actually like it. Not sure I'd use it, but I think its got potential.

    I think the walking dead may help revive it, especially as vintage names are very popular atm.

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    I love it and would classify it along with Esther and Ruth as timeless but currently unfashionable.
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