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    4 weeks left. Can't decide between Harper Hadley or Haven

    help! I love all three but can't decide. Middle name is Renee. Can you ladies give me your thoughts. I don't want to give birth and little one have no name. Thanks!

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    Hadley Renee is the best combo! I do also like Harper, but the 'R's run together when you put the middle name Renee. It runs together and sounds like "Harper Enee" or the super long "Harperenee". Im not a huge fan of Haven. Hadley Renee is my favorite! Good luck and wishing you a healthy baby girl!
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    I prefer Haven out of those three.

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    I agree Harper Renee is a tad R heavy where Haven Renee puts that -en sound back-to-back. Hadley is pretty and feminine without being too soft. It could be girly or tomboyish. Hadley Renee is a lovely combination, too. Gets my vote!

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    I like Harper the best. Hadley sounds best with middle name Renee. I really don't like Haven - it just doesn't seem like a real name.

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