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    Carolina Belle is lovely!

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    I like Carolina best (pronounced caroleena), but think Reese fits your criteria better. It seems more contemporary. Carolina sounds a bit more romantic and feminine to me. I don't really like belle as a middle name. Would prefer Carolina Reese .

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    Carolina Belle by a mile, any of the other names would work well as a middle name to Carolina (except maybe Kinley)
    it is by far my favourite and as stated many times it will age well and offer many nn opportunities which may or may not be your style but I find it to be another plus
    it's sweet and sassy, cool and confident, ages well and funky to top it all off, perfect name for any little girl
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    Reese Harper! Carolina Belle sounds like a description more than a name, Elle is a nickname (and if she takes French in high school, she'll probably be annoyed that her name means 'she'), Kinley... no offense, but that is kind of awful (very Teen Mom).

    I can see Reese climbing trees and skinning knees (no rhyme intended ), yet spending rainy days dressing up in frilly princess attire. It's modern yet has history. Sounds much better on a girl than a boy, I think. And Reese Harper Lastname looks good on a business card – sounds like a woman who knows her stuff, if you ask me.

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