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    I like Evan for a girl. It was to be my godson's name were he a girl, Evan nn Evie.
    Latest list:

    Girl: Emilia, Navy
    Boy: Franklin, Gage

    Mommy to one sweet little boy who I loved naming Lennox Andrew Michael

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    I love the idea of Eleanor Verity or another E.V. name. I also love Elisheva, though I pronounce it Eh-leh-Shee-vah.

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    Evandra 'Evie'

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    Hi, sleepysessha!
    For you I like Yvaine, Nyneve, and maybe...
    Sunniva – which I'm tentatively pronouncing (mispronouncing?) /sun-EEV-a/
    Ivalu – or Ivalo, as seen on Denmark's Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda (b. 2011); so, another Nordic (well, Greenlandic) name I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce, but think is /EE-vah-loo/ (adorable!). She was the title heroine of Ivalu; en roman fra polareskimoernes land, a 1930 novel written by Danish polar explorer and author Peter Freuchen (in tribute to his late wife, Navarana, an Inuit woman who died in the Spanish flu pandemic in 1921).

    Or: Eavan (Aoibheann), Erelieva (Theodoric's mother; perhaps derived from Old High German era, "honor," + liub, "love"), Evarete (from Greek eu, "good, well," + arete, "virtue"), Evryali (Euryale), Vevina
    Anglo-Saxon names (beyond Sunniva): Aileva (Latinized form of the Old English Ælfgifu, "elf gift"), Leviva (from Leofgifu, "dear gift")
    Smush names: Annevieve, Eva-Lotta (Astrid Lindgren character), Mariève (=Marie-Ève?)

    ALSO, the previous suggestions I'd second: Evadne, Evanthe (or the lengthier Evanthia /eh-vahn-THEE-ah/), Everild (hmm, Everdeen? or just Ever?), Hillevi (variations include Lillevi and Ellevi)

    Thanks, this was fun!

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    Oh I love Evie!
    The only Evie name I don't think I saw yet was:

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