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    renrose Guest
    Anything based on Stephen would work:

    Stephanie? Etienette?

    Caoimhe (keeva)
    Lieve (lee-va)

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    I would suggest Evelina! It has Eve in it plus it is cute and versatile.
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    I'm an Eve lover as well.

    Genevieve and Guinevere are both ones I really like!

    If you're adventurous there's also Beverly which I think is ready for a revival.

    Devina could also work though it's more "made up"

    Geneva is also very close to my heart, though I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.
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    Eveline pronounced ev-eh-LEEN like the end of Evangeline
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    dance – I do like the softness of Genevieve, but I abhor the nn Jenny and all her relatives…Do you think Jenny would be more intuitive than Evie? Everly I love, though I prefer the -leigh variant, but Hubby vetoed. Evening is glorious but would have to be a middle…any ideas on what to pair it with?

    shieldsc – Evie and Neva are somewhat similar, but different enough that I think if you love it, you should go for it

    otterlily – ooh, really? How do you pronounce Evelyn? And Evelina for that matter. Nimue is a bit N heavy, but Pareesa is so pixie dust! Hillevi and Eva aren't really my style, and Hubs has nixed Evadne. But Evernia is perfection! Such a lacey, frilly little plant! I love it. Evelune is gorgeous too, moonlit and magical. Thank you, darling!

    tigerlily7 – I'm not sure how I feel about Evelina…how do you say it? eev or ehv? vee or vuh? lee-na or lie-na? and where does the accent fall? Everild and Ever are my favorites of your suggestions, but not sure Hubby will like them. I like your initials idea, it ties in with the V for Vendetta association. Any suggestions on E and V names?

    renrose – Stephanie is not my style at all, but Yvette and Elisheva are intriguing! How do you pronounce Elisheva? It's an Elizabeth variant, right?

    oboeplayer – thanks! I might like it better once I figure out how to pronounce it, haha.

    kala_way – wow, we have similar taste in girls' names! I see my Alice, my Lucy, and my Evie on your list! I'm pondering Guinevere…I love that she's so Arthurian, but she's not at all my favorite character from the legend. I vastly prefer Everly to Beverly. I like Devina, but I knew a nasty one growing up, so she's out for me.

    aubrey - I definitely like the LEEN that eev-uh-LEEN, ehv-uh-LEEN, or just eev-LEEN?
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