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    The Elusive Evie – Full Names for this Nickname?

    Hi there, Berries!

    I'm working on my top five for each gender…As you can see, the boys' list is nearly done, and I've finally settled on a Lucy combo. So the next challenge I need to tackle is finding a full name for Evie!

    I tend to love nicknames for their connections, and Evie is no exception. I associate her with Evie Carnahan/O'Connell from The Mummy and her infinite pride in being a librarian (with which I deeply identify) and Evey Hammond from V for Vendetta, my number one movie of all time…"E…V…of course you are."

    Initial choices: Everleigh, Evangeline, and Reverie (all vetoed by Hubs)

    Probably ruled out: Eve (entirely too simple for my taste) and Evelyn (seems so….normal).

    Potential brothers: Zion Nathaniel, Solomon Fable, Caspian Noah, Gideon Wolf, Malachi Sparrow

    Potential sisters: Alice Willow, Lucia Pearl, Ophelia Fawn (or Ophelia Wren)

    Can you think of any Eve names that inspire you, or that mesh well with my favorites? Combo suggestions are also welcome…maybe someone has a middle name that will sell me on Miss Evelyn?


    At this point, the list includes:
    Evening (as a middle, would go by Evie. This is normal in my family; my sister has gone by her middle name since birth)
    Elowen V--- or another E--- V--- combo
    Elisheva (I have some concerns about this one: Does it go with the sibset or is it too unusual? My husband especially prefers our "formula" of a "normal" FN with a more out-of-the-box middle. And is it too similar to Alice?)
    And the wild card: Annevieve. I cannot get over how this one feels! All the things I love about Eve, Genevieve, and Anneliese in one name…and for middles, Annevieve Lily immediately springs to mind.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Genevieve! It seems to fit with your other names well! A more trendy sounding option is Everly. Or a more GP styled name is Evening. But I think Genevieve is lovely!
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    I was going to say Genevieve as well! We were planning to call our Genevieve "Evie" until my SIL named my niece Neva a month before Genevieve was born. Evie and Neva just seemed way too close. But I adore Evie!
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    I love Evelyn. I probably pronounce it differently than you, but I think it's gorgeous and magical. Evelyn Nimue? Difficult with the n's maybe... Evelyn Pareesa.

    Others are Evelina, which comes from the same source as Evelyn. Evernia, as in the little bushplant, and gorgeous Evelune. Evadne? It's got the same warmth as your other names, but maybe weirder... I love Danish Hillevi (pronounced like hill-evie). And I love Eva too, it would be beautiful with the other names, I think.

    Good luck my sweetiepie!
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    Evie is an adorable nickname! I agree with you about Evelyn; it does seem very ordinary in comparison with your other names. What about Evelina instead?
    Some suggestions; they're kind of all across the board but maybe you will like some!:
    Evadne (though the Greek mythology namesake is not ideal, I think it's a pretty name)
    Geneva (Eve in the middle!)

    What about doing a first name that begins with E and a middle name that starts with V? Intials EV could get a nickname of Evie! Good luck!


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