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    Comments/opinions on my Top 20 girls list

    Here's my Top 20 girls list. (I also have a thread in the boys forum.) Tell me what you think of my combos. Possible nicknames are in parentheses. (And they are in order of favorite to least favorite.)
    Opal Anneliese,
    Peri Charlotte,
    Storey Alice - I knew a girl named Storey once, who was very dear to me, and this is how she spelt it,
    Lilith Pearl ("Lili"),
    Luna Hermione Alice - might be too Harry Potter-ish,
    Elowen Bay "Elle",
    Maeve Bliss - not too sure about the middle name,
    Autumn Daisy "Daisy",
    Greta Clementine or Greta Adelaide?,
    Maude Charlotte,
    Viola Winter ("Vi"),
    Indigo Alice ("Indie"),
    Gwynneth Ivy ("Gwen"),
    Lilac Arabella - no too sure about the middle name,
    Hazel Harriet Bay,
    Magnolia Pearl "Noa/Nola",
    Chastity Jade,
    Cadence Faith,
    Dandie Delilah - not too sure about the middle name,
    Esmeralda Pearl ("Esme/Ella") - not too sure on the middle name.
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    Opal Anneliese - a perfect rhythm to the name, though I am not a fan of either names separately, once I said the name out loud I fell in love.

    Peri Charlotte - not my favorite, I prefer Perry to Peri, and the flow is off

    Storey Alice - I love this name - however, I immediately think Alice in Wonderland is a story. It could be a good or bad thing? Perhaps a non-literary or more obscure literary name for the middle?

    Lilith Pearl - I am not a fan of Lilith.

    Luna Hermione Alice - Point one, Doesn't need the Alice at the end, Point Two, WAY too much HP. Hermione Alice would be lovely, Hermione Luella, Luna Allison

    Elowen Bay - Love Elowen, not sure about the pairing

    Maeve Bliss - I dislike the middle with Maeve. I would keep brainstorming.

    Autumn Daisy - Not a fan of two words/things for first and middle. I would substitute one with a not-thing name.

    Greta Clementine (of the two she is my favorite) - ADORABLE! Love it.

    Viola Winter - It works, but personally not my favorite.

    Idigo Alice - I LOVE THIS NAME! Especially with the nickname Indi, I saw it on a girl the other day and fell in love with the name!

    Gwynneth Ivy - I despise the name Ivy, but if I am being objective: It works.

    Lilac Arabella - LOVE THIS! I would say keep the middle, or if you are really unsure keep the amount of syllables in the middle.

    Hazel Harriet Bay - Not sure I like the Hazel Harriet. I love Hazel though… This could use more fiddling.

    Magnolia Pearl - Love. The end.

    Chastity Jade - Two names I have on my "no-way-not-ever" list…

    Cadence Faith - Again, the two word names are not my thing.

    Dandie Delilah - I think it could use a different middle to make it pop.

    Esmeralda Pearl - Not sure I like this, as Esmeralda means Emerald. Therefore you have Emerald Pearl - strange. Change the middle and your good.

    My favorites are: Opal Anneliese, Storey Alice (with new middle), Greta Clementine, Indigo Alice, Lilac Arabella, and Magnolia Pearl.

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    Opal Anneliese - dislike Opal, Anneliese is blah
    Peri Charlotte - like both names
    Storey Alice - I find this name OK, love Alice
    Lilith Pearl ("Lili") - - love Lilith, dislike Pearl
    Luna Hermione Alice - it's nice name
    Elowen Bay "Elle" - lovely
    Maeve Bliss - lovely
    Autumn Daisy "Daisy" - not sure
    Greta Clementine or Greta Adelaide? - I like Greta Clementine more, but not liking either
    Maude Charlotte - nice
    Viola Winter ("Vi") - beautiful
    Indigo Alice ("Indie") this name combo is rather predictable, I can think of at least two person who wanted to use it, besides you
    Gwynneth Ivy ("Gwen") - don't like
    Lilac Arabella - lovely
    Hazel Harriet Bay - dislike Harriet, Hazel is blah
    Magnolia Pearl "Noa/Nola" - it's OK
    Chastity Jade - dislike Chastity
    Cadence Faith - dislike both names
    Dandie Delilah -dislike Dandie, like Delilah
    Esmeralda Pearl ("Esme/Ella") -not keen on either
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    Some good names among your list!

    Opal Anneliese - Nice name. It's classic, but with a little spunk. Altho not a fan of Anneliese it works really well here
    Peri Charlotte - Not a fan of Peri - it reminds me of peri peri sauce =?
    Storey Alice - Lovely name! I understand the connection with the girl you mentioned, but although she spelled it this way doesn't mean you have to and imo Story Alice looks nicer.
    Lilith Pearl ("Lili") - One of my own favourites!
    Luna Hermione Alice - Luna Hermione, Herminione Alice or Alice Hermione would all work well, but this I feel gets a bit too much. All nice names tho!
    Elowen Bay "Elle" - I like Elowen, but not a fan of Bay as middlename. It becomes a bit too natury for me.
    Maeve Bliss - Maeve Bliss works fine, although not a fan of Maeve this is a decent name.
    Autumn Daisy "Daisy" - It's a nice name - but for me, I've never been a fan of "direct" names like Summer Lily, Winter Snow, etc.
    Greta Clementine or Greta Adelaide - both names work and are lovely vintage names
    Maude Charlotte - Do not like Maude at all!
    Viola Winter ("Vi") - Viola is a lovely name, but I feel you could do better than Winter.
    Indigo Alice ("Indie") - I'm not a fan of Alice.
    Gwynneth Ivy ("Gwen") - The name works well and Gwen is an adorable and underused name!
    Lilac Arabella - I hear you on the middlename, it does work - but it feels lacking somehow. Think you could do better.
    Hazel Harriet Bay - This doesn't work for me.
    Magnolia Pearl "Noa/Nola" - I'm afraid Magnolia is one of the NB fav's that just don't do it for me, altho Noa is adorable as a nn
    Chastity Jade - Not a fan.
    Cadence Faith - Not a fan.
    Dandie Delilah - not too sure about the middle name - Not a fan. It seems half finished.
    Esmeralda Pearl ("Esme/Ella") - I like Esme and I like Esme Pearl, Esmeralda seems like its trying to hard somehow

    My favourite is Lilith Pearl by far, but you have a lot of really great names in there - Alice, Story, Luna, Hermione, Alice, Bliss, Viola, Greta, Daisy, Arabella.

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    Opal Anneliese - Opal is pretty, Anneliese is nice but not exciting.
    Peri Charlotte - Peri sounds like it should be short for something, Charlotte is also nice but bland.
    Storey Alice - Storey, to me, should be spelled as the original word, Story, and Story Alice is lovely.
    Lilith Pearl ("Lili") - Lilith sounds a little dated to me, I prefer just plain Lily. Pearl also sounds a little old-ladyish.
    Luna Hermione Alice - Yeah, okay, it's a little HP-ish but I think it's a lovely name.
    Elowen Bay "Elle" - I love it.
    Maeve Bliss - I love Maeve, hate Bliss.
    Autumn Daisy "Daisy" - A little too nature-y, but I like both names separately.
    Greta Clementine or Greta Adelaide - I like both Clementine and Adelaide, but I dislike Greta. Clementine Adelaide is lovely.
    Maude Charlotte - Dislike.
    Viola Winter ("Vi") - Love the name, but a little wintery for an August child.
    Indigo Alice ("Indie") - Love the name and the nickname!
    Gwynneth Ivy ("Gwen") - I'd spell Gwyneth with one n, otherwise she'll constantly be saying "Gwynneth with two N's." Not sure Ivy fits with first name.
    Lilac Arabella - Lilac Arabelle sounds better, but you're right, Arabelle doesn't seem to fit. Lilac Mirabelle/Mirabella or Lilac Amabel would sound better.
    Hazel Harriet Bay - I dislike Hazel, Harriet's iffy, but Bay's lovely.
    Magnolia Pearl "Noa/Nola" - I like Magnolia and your nickname, dislike Pearl.
    Chastity Jade - No, no, no.
    Cadence Faith - Also, no.
    Dandie Delilah - Don't like Dandie (is that a name? Makes me think Yankee Doodle Dandee), love Delilah but only as a middle name.
    Esmeralda Pearl ("Esme/Ella") - Esmeralda is a little too much, but I love Esme and Ella. As previously stated, I dislike Pearl.

    My favorites are Elowen Bay, Indigo Alice, Viola Winter and Maeve Daisy.

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