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    I have a friend named Mary Beth, just like that and I love it. Mary Alice looks the most appealing to me, because I never have like hyphens or smooshed together.
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    1 Mary Alice - if your family member was called by her fn and mn, it should do doable for your daughter too. Mary and Alice are both family names for me so I'm loving this combo.

    2 Mary-Alice - not a fan of hyphens but this should get people to view the names together.

    MaryAlice and Maryalice just look odd so they don't appeal to me.
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    I dislike the smush one. It looks odd to me. The hyphen is a good way to ensure that everyone will understand that the two names are in the fn spot. I'm sure it will be helpful in school. Keeping them separate is good too, but you will probably have to push people to use both more frequently than if you went with the other options.

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    I like Mary Alice the best! Mary-Alice is nice too, but I would steer clear from the smushing of Maryalice. That kinda looks like Marya Lice in my head lol. Also, when you register her for school, I'm sure you could put both Mary and Alice in the first name box, then leave the middle name one empty. Good luck!
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    Just add a middle name.

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