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    Best way to do this?

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    My first choice is just having Mary as the first name and Alice as the middle. If you really want to double barrel it, I like the look of Mary Alice the best.
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    My favorite is Mary-Alice. This way when she goes to school, both of her first names will be used in the system. If it is Mary Alice as her entire first, it won't register that way. It will also be encouraged to use her entire name, helping with the whole only calling her Mary thing. Keeping all of this in mind, you can't control where your child's name will go, nick name wise. It is very possible that even she will prefer just being called Mary at some point.
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    I adore Mary Alice! Two of my favorite names. I would NOT use a smoosh or a hyphen. You could always add another middle name.

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    Seeing as you want to call her Mary Alice all the time I would go with Mary-Alice as a first name.

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