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    Thank you all! woke up this morning with thoughts of my sweet Caroline now, I am really hoping Kate and Will ( if they have a girl ) do not choose Caroline..... I would hate to see it leap up the charts... But either way I feel very good with our combo. All the kids love it and my oldest daughter, Maggie said she thought " it is so pretty" that means a lot coming from. 19 yo ,
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    Congratulations on picking such a beautiful name! I have always loved the combo Caroline Augusta, and Jane is so classic and sweet it's hard to go wrong with it. Best wishes for the rest of pregnancy and a healthy mom and baby!
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    I just saw this! And I absolutely love Caroline Augusta Jane! A stunning combination!

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    What a lovely name! I've been hoping that Will and Kate don't use Caroline either.
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    Congrats! Caroline is a beautiful name, it has such a regal air to it. It will serve her well!
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