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    I like Hattie best. I love Adelaide, but I know a dozen little Addisons so Addie doesn't quite have the same charm. As for Maddie, I love it as a nn for Madeline but the wave of Madison/Madisyns about 10 years ago made it a little less novel.

    If you like those names, you might also like Libby or Liddy (Elizabeth), Triddy (Astrid), or Tildy (Matilda).

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    My favorite stand alone name is Hattie. Unfortunately for me, I have a niece named Adalie who goes by Adi. So Hattie has been kicked off the list for me. Too similar.

    I actually prefer Mattie to Maddie and as a nickname for Matilda.

    I may be biased but I love Addie as well. But I love it as a nickname rather than a full name.

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    Everywhere I turn there are little Maddies and Addies and their spelling variants sprouting up. Hattie is the definite winner out of these three. Adorable on it's own, but I prefer it as a nn for Harriet.
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    Hattie is my favorite
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    I love Hattie but I'm not sure I'm sold on any of the formal names for it.

    Addie and Maddie are too common for my tastes. I really like Adelaide but the popularity of Addie drives me away.

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