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    Hattie, Addie, or Maddie?

    I am completly smitten with these names (Yes, all threeof them) and just wanted to hear your opinions on them. Thank Y'all

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    I love Addie, especially as a nn for Adeline or Adelaide.
    Hattie is my second favourite, but Maddie feels too common to me.
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    Addie, and Maddie are so common atm, i guess Hattie is the winner for me then?

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    South Australia
    Addie and Hattie are rarely ever heard in my neighbourhood so I prefer those
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    Maddie is way to common.. Same with Addie.. the nn's I love, like for Adeline, Addison, Madeline, Madison, etc..
    Hattie is simply gorgeous and you don't hear it a lot. Hattie def. wins imo.

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