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    1. Shiloh- NMS but I see the appeal. Has a cool sound but again, NMS(I like gender distinct names)
    2. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie"-Love Calliope! So pretty. Cassandra seems a bit dated to me, but it works really well as a middle name.
    3. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen"-Love Gwendolyn! Never thought of Wendy as a nn but its super cute!
    4. Autumn-I like this! I've never met an Autumn before!
    5. America-A little too..."I'm proud to be an American" for me.
    6. Belle-So cute! Reminds me of my fav princess But I would worry about having all the Isabellas and Bellas out there, that this wouldn't feel interesting.
    7. Bay-I'm neutral on this one. I think I would like it more as a midd name.
    8. Copeland-I love Misty!(If you are a dancer, you would undertand. Are/were you?) Anyways, its NMS as a first name, but I think it would be a cool middle.
    9. Ursula-Too evil octopus for me.
    10. Calista-Love! So pretty and it isn'tvery common at all!
    11. Lark-NMS but I think its cool! I personally wouldn't be brave enough to use it.
    12. Mona-Love this also! I would love to have this as a name.
    13. Aislyn-Sounds made up to me.
    14. Lilla (Lil-uh)-There would be lots of pronunciation messups with this. Most people would see and think "Lila".
    15. Emmaline - I like this! But there are so many different pronunciations. Emma-Lyne, Emma-Leen, Emma-lyn....
    16. Summer-I like this one!
    17. Rio-Does she "dance on the sand"? Lol(google it if you don't understant my Duran Duran reference). Not a big fan of this one.
    18. Avis-I kinda sounds like a creative way to get to the nn Ava.
    19. Hailey-Too popular.
    20. Cecilia-Love this! One of my faves on your list.

    My faves are Calliope, Gwendolyn, Calista, Mona and Cecilia. You have a pretty collective list of a bunch of different styles!
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    There weren't ten on your list... I shrank it to the ones I think are usable.

    1. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie"
    2. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen"
    3. Belle
    4. Ursula - I know one. She goes by Ursy.
    5. Calista
    6. Mona
    7. Aislyn - Spelt Aisling.
    8. Lilla (Lil-uh)
    9. Emmaline - Spelt Emmeline.
    10. Hailey - Spelt Hayley.
    11. Cecilia

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    4. Ursula - I know one. She goes by Ursy.
    I just realized that you could use the nn Sully for Ursula. I still don't really like it, but it makes it feel more usable.
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    Like: Cassandra, Calliope, Gwendolyn, America, Belle, Calista, Lark, Rio & Cecilia

    The rest just aren't my thing.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie" - My favorites from your list.
    Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen" - My name. I love Gwen and utterly despise Wendy.
    Lilla (Lil-uh) - Lilia and Lilias are similarly pretty.
    Emmaline - I like the Emmeline spelling slightly better.

    Aislyn - What's wrong with Aislinn? I think the spelling is already complicated enough, personally.

    Hailey - A nice enough name, but starting to sound rather dated
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