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    opinions on my top ten:)

    1. Shiloh
    2. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie"
    3. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen"
    4. Autumn
    5. America
    6. Belle
    7. bay
    8. Copeland
    9. Ursula
    10. Calista
    11. Lark
    12. Mona
    13. Aislyn
    14. Lilla (Lil-uh)
    15. Emmaline
    16. Summer
    17. Rio
    18. Avis
    19. Hailey
    20. Cecilia

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    1. Shiloh - Very trendy to me. I like how it looks, but as for the sound...not so much.
    2. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie" - Both names are alright for me. I can see Cassie from Cassandra, but not from Calliope (I see and like Callie though). Have you considered Calandra as a compromise of both names?
    3. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen" - Not really my style, but not bad.
    4. Autumn - This is cute, but it's not my favorite.
    5. America - No. I'm not sure where you live, but I live in the states, and this just not a realistic choice. America Ferrera may have pulled it off, but the everyday girl can't.
    6. Belle - It's nice, but it wouldn't stand out next to a sea of Bellas, Isabellas, Annabelles, etc.
    7. Bay - This is okay. I like it, but I don't think I would use it.
    8. Copeland - This isn't a name for me. If I had to pick a gender for it, I would say boy, because he could go by Copper or Landon.
    9. Ursula - I just think of the sea witch. It doesn't have the most pleasant sound in my ear either.
    10. Calista - I prefer this with two ls (Callista). I like it, it's one of my favorite Callie names.
    11. Lark - Cute. It's one of the better bird names, imo.
    12. Mona - This is alright, but I also hear the 'moan' in the beginning.
    13. Aislyn - I don't like the spelling. I prefer Aisling (ash-ling).
    14. Lilla (Lil-uh) - Not a fan. It sounds a little awkward to me. I prefer Lily and Calla.
    15. Emmaline - Love the name, but not the spelling. I like the Emmeline spelling with the em-mel-leen pronuncation.
    16. Summer - This is cute, but possibly becoming very trendy.
    17. Rio - I like Ria better.
    18. Avis - It looks like someone forgot the M to spell Mavis. Avis sounds incomplete to me.
    19. Hailey - So, so trendy.
    20. Cecilia - This is probably my favorite on your list. Classic, dainty, and familiar but not common.
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    1. Shiloh - Not my style. Makes me think of a dog.
    2. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie" - Agree with pp that Cassie would not come from Calliope, and to me Cassandra and Calliope are two very different names.
    3. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen" - Wendy is dated. Gwendolyn is a lot of name and she probably would almost always be called by her nickname.
    4. Autumn - Not a fan.
    5. America - Do you live in the United States? I don't advise this name, even if you don't.
    6. Belle - Too popular.
    7. Bay - I like this, mostly as a nickname. However, it does make me think of Beyonce.
    8. Copeland - Don't really think this translates as a good Surname as a first name. Maybe on a boy.
    9. Ursula - Sea witch, Friends.
    10. Calista - Flockhart. Not a fan of the name.
    11. Lark - One syllable names for girls can be too harsh.
    12. Mona - Very plain.
    13. Aislyn - Sounds too made up.
    14. Lilla (Lil-uh) - Like it better as Lila. Or Willa.
    15. Emmaline - There are far too many Emma's out there, and this one is right there with them.
    16. Summer - Good I guess if she were born in the summer. Have also seen it spelled Sommer, which might separate it from that.
    17. Rio - No.
    18. Avis - Reminds me of the car rental place.
    19. Hailey - Too dated. There will be a ton of Hailey's about 15-20 years older than she is.
    20. Cecilia - This I guess if my favorite too. Still not too much of a fan for myself, but cute name nonetheless.

    Overall, this was a really odd list. Not a fan of too many of them on here.
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    1. Shiloh - I don't mind it as a middle name, but I'm not fond of it as a first, partly because "shy" "low" are both sort of negative connotations that I wouldn't want to carry. What if she's really short and introverted or the reverse?
    2. Cassandra/Calliope "Cassie" - I like Cassandra but I don't love it. Bit too frilly for my taste. I do like nn Sandy though. Calliope is a cute mn!
    3. Gwendolyn "Wendy/Gwen" - I love Gwendolyn and adore Gwen! Wendy is fun too! My favorite from your list.
    4. Autumn - meh, okay
    5. America - no, not at all, hate it. Country names just aren't doable imo. They always feel a bit trashy to me.
    6. Belle - meh, not terrible, but definitely on a trendy side. I guess if you're gonna be trendy at least you can be simple.
    7. Bay - as a middle--okay, as a first--bleh
    8. Copeland - sounds like a sporting goods store. Definitely not a girls name. Maybe for a big dog.
    9. Ursula - I can't get past the Little Mermaid connection sorry. 1st movie I ever saw in the theater.
    10. Callista - meh, not terrible, but not one I love
    11. Lark - one of my favorite middles. Not sure how well it would do as a first, but it is very pretty.
    12. Mona - I can't get past the "moaning" part. It's a classy name, just not my style
    13. Aislyn - looks fake and just like a bunch of letters smooshed together and it's not even a pleasant sound combination
    14. Lilla (Lil-uh) - the main thing I dislike about the name is the very thing you've instinctively given--the fact that there are so many ways to pronounce and spell it. Too confusing to me. I'd never use it.
    15. Emmaline - I know this is a valid name, but to me it always feels like someone wanted to use Emily or Madeline but thought they were too popular so they combined them into one name
    16. Summer - meh, okay, bit blah
    17. Rio - cute nn, but I wouldn't use it on it's own
    18. Avis - Rent a Car! That's all I think of. It is a pleasant sound, but I couldn't use it
    19. Hailey - feels a bit dated since all the ones I know are teenagers. Hadley seems to be the runner up of this trend.
    20. Cecilia - too hissy for my taste, but it's not terrible.
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