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    Ugh, I'm an idiot. I know Damien's on your boy list. Okay, I'm going through my name book in search of awesome middles for baby #2 at the moment, and wil keep a look out for brilliant Angelesque names while I'm at it.

    Oh, Bragi/Brage just popped into my head. It's one of y favourite Norse mythology names. And Pythias too (from the Damon myth as you know) but it might not be... how do we put this... pretty enough? I love it, but I've heard people say it sounds not so nice.
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    I thought of Caleb when I saw your pic. Perhaps not the most creative name, but just what you struck me as...
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    I actually think Pythias sounds quite nice, but just not for my own use. I do love Bragi (and Balder but won't use that) but...hmm...I'll have to think on it. I want something that feels like me, but have the chance to use something more out there than I would on a child so I'm looking for a great happy medium.

    I do love Caleb as a name, as you can see it's on my list up there, but feel like maybe it's too biblical for my own identity (I know, I know, I'm Angel but I didn't choose it :P ) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    When I first ready your description of yourself, the name that came to mind was Colby, so Cole and Colton on your list stand out. I also really like Lucien and Xazvier for you from your list.

    The Hebrew name Malach means Angel, I thought it might be fitting to keep the connection between both of the names you go by.

    I also think Gabriel, one of the seven archangels from the bible would be a very fitting name based on the description you gave - though its current popularity may be a deterent.

    I believe the other archangels are:
    Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael.

    Best of luck!

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    Actually, my first thought was Cory.


    I'm bad at this, haha.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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