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    Help me with my Top 20 boys list.

    I'm re-doing my Top 20 boys list (same with girls list too in the girls forum). Here's what I have so, tell me what think and any suggestions would lovely and highly appreciated. (And they are in order of favorite to least favorite.)
    Sebastian Henri James,
    Hugo James Alistair,
    Cecil Henri - Cecil is a family name,
    Julius Levi "Jules",
    Asa James,
    Percy George,
    Ivo Grant,
    Onyx Edgar,
    Milo Jack,
    Sterling Thomas,
    Dandy Oliver,
    Mick Timothy Joseph - both Timothy and Joseph are family names,
    Reid Abner,
    Cesar Nolan,
    Declan Charles,
    Xander Grey,
    Niko William,
    Phineas Alexander "Finn",
    Skye - no middle name yet and I'm not so sure about it.
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    Love that you've got Peri in your sig... it's one of those Persian names that I wish more English speakers knew about...

    Sebastian Henri James- I prefer Sebastian James, but either way is ok. Not my fav on your list, but still nice...
    Hugo James Alistair- Hugo always seems a bit too much to me... and I just hear "Hugh, go!" Much prefer Hugh... unpretentious and simple.
    Cecil Henri - Love. My fav so far... Cecil is so wonderfully refined and polished. <3
    Julius Levi "Jules"- Love. Julius is so stong and wonderful... working from the bottom up, so now I see Julius and Cecil are on your list... lol
    Asa James- Despite being close to as*, I still like this.
    Percy George- Nerdy, but cool.
    Ivo Grant- Love Grant, but not Evo.
    Onyx Edgar- Onyx feels so modern, and Edgar so old. They just don't fit. I would personally use Onyx as a mn to spice up an otherwise dull name...
    Milo Jack- Don't like Jack, and Milo is a pet name for me... "Milo and Otis"...
    Sterling Thomas- Love, love, love! Sterling is a name which should be used more, and this is a great combo. Very vintage and unique...
    Dandy Oliver- I would even be tempted to mock a child named Dandy, and I'm a grown up...
    Mick Timothy Joseph - I'm just not a fan of nns as fns... Mick seems so nicknamish to me. Plus, it rhymes with too many things... flick, pick, sick, tick, *ick...
    Reid Abner- I normally hate Abner, but this combo makes it actually seem usable. What about Reid Joseph?
    Cesar Nolan- Cesar makes me think of the dog whisperer. Would you consider Cedric, Cecil, or Julius?
    Declan Charles- Love! This is really a handsome combo
    Xander Grey- Both of these names are quite trendy. I much prefer Xander as a nn for Alexander.
    Niko William- Not a fan of Niko... I know a pretty bad guy by that name. I think it would be better as a nn for Nikolai or Nicolas...
    Phineas Alexander "Finn"- A tad long, but has a great vibe.
    Skye - Prefer Skye as a mn on a boy... just seems so girly.
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    You have a lot of spectacular names, here! I'll comment on my impression of each individual name, then give you my favorites.

    Sebastian Henri James: Strong, very handsome, great flow. Sebastian is a great choice with lots of nn options.
    Hugo James Alistair: James grounds what could otherwise be an airy name. Solid, handsome combo with great flow.
    Cecil Henri: Not sure if I like Cecil, but the combo with Henri has a very nice sound.
    Julius Levi "Jules": I don't love the repetitive "Lee" sound, but I love these two names. Perhaps a name between them would help the flow. Julius Grey Levi?
    Asa James: Don't get me wrong, I love both these names, but I hear "I saw James" or "Ace of James." Again, the repeated vowel sound is throwing the flow off. Asa Joseph or Asa Henri?
    Percy George: I would prefer George in the first place. Percy reads so snooty to me (thanks a lot, Percy Weasley) whereas George is grounded.
    Ivo Grant: Yeah, no. Not feeling this one. Ivo needs something more to even it out, maybe a 3-syllable name like William or Theodore.
    Onyx Edgar: What an interesting mix of styles! Both names are cool, but together, they're a bit hard to say. I think you need a consonant to start the second name. Onyx Milo Edgar?
    Milo Jack: I love this. Simple, strong, and friendly-sounding.
    Sterling Thomas: Ooo, this one took me by surprise. I like this a lot.
    Dandy Oliver: I cannot imagine what I would think if a grown man introduced himself as Dandy. Oliver Dandy is much better AND it keeps the whimsical sweetness.
    Mick Timothy Joseph: It sounds like "McTimothy Joseph." I'm not a Timothy fan myself, but I deeply respect the usage of family names. I have a crush on Mick, but how to help him stand solo? Hmm. Mick Joseph Timothy is an improvement as it eliminates the repeated short i sound.
    Reid Abner: Another pleasant surprise! I like it.
    Cesar Nolan: Again, what do you say to a guy named Cesar? I think Nolan Cesar would save him some grief, and Noel is a great nn.
    Declan Charles: Two great names.
    Xander Grey: Another lovely surprise. Grey makes me like Xander.
    Niko William: I like this!
    Phineas Alexander "Finn": Sweet yet strong, and Finn is super cute.

    My favorites:

    Sebastian Henri James
    Sterling Thomas
    Reid Abner
    Niko William

    And I really hope you consider Oliver Dandy. I'm falling for his sweetness.
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    The only ones I really like are Sterling Thomas, Reid but I hate Abner, Declan Charles, and Skye Harrison

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    Sebastian Henri James - Henry James was an author, so I'd probably change it to Sebastian James Henry
    Hugo James Alistair - I think Hugo Alistair James flows better, nice combo though.
    Cecil Henri - being a family name saves it a bit, but it's hard to imagine on a kid. What about Henry Cecil?
    Julius Levi "Jules" - I'm not too fond of Julius but I love Levi
    Asa James - the repeated a sound isn't the greatest. What about Asa Henry
    Percy George - not fond of Percy or of George, sorry
    Ivo Grant - love Grant, Ivo is a bit on the weird side.
    Onyx Edgar - love Edgar, again, Onyx is a bit strange for me
    Milo Jack - nice, I like this one a lot as is.
    Sterling Thomas - Thomas Sterling would be fabulous
    Dandy Oliver - please don't, dandy is an old term for a gay guy
    Mick Timothy Joseph - I'd prefer just Timothy Joseph
    Reid Abner - both names are nice, but they aren't the greatest together. Reid Alexander or
    Cesar Nolan - sorry, but not fond of either name
    Declan Charles - love Charles, Declan just make me think decline
    Xander Grey - okay, but reminds me of Christian Gray
    Niko William - love William. Niko feels very nicknamey to me, but it's okay
    Phineas Alexander "Finn" - love Phineas!
    Skye - not fond
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